17 Super Sweet Summer Baby Shower Themes

Hosting a baby shower in the summer is arguably one of the best seasons to do it. Better weather, more daylight and more opportunities to get outside with your baby shower.

From super colorful and fruity themes to a baby shower celebrating serving up scoops, there is something for every baby shower party. We’ve compiled a whole host of the sweetest baby shower themes to use in the summer.

17 Super Sweet Summer Baby Shower Themes


Summer BBQ, but make it a baby-Q!

This gorgeous twist on a traditional summer BBQ is perfect for celebrating baby on a warm summers day. Nod to a traditional BBQ with gingham print and cute touches like chicken plushes!

Have fresh lemonade and cute food favours ready for your guests. This is an adorable way to celebrate a summer baby.

Instagram image credit: @kateaspen

2. Ice Cream Social

If you combine a gender reveal and baby shower together, this is one of our favorite ways to do just that in the summer. Play on the ‘what’s the scoop’ agenda and make it an ice cream social with friends and loved ones.

Combine pastel colors throughout a balloon structure and of course, have plenty of ice cream ready for your guests.

You could even have a DIY scoop station for everyone to get involved with. These gender reveal scoop cups are the perfect addition!

Instagram image credit: @roxspartybox

3. Lemon Squeeze!

Mama’s main squeeze! There’s something about homemade lemonade that just screams summer and it’s a really relaxed and breezy idea for a summer baby shower that is packed full of color.

Setup a stand for homemade lemonade and sweet treats with a lemon theme. Create a balloon arch with fake lemons for the perfect photo opportunity with your guests. Top your cakes with the below cake toppers.

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Instagram image credit: @sweetlifecandycarts

4. Picnic Baby Shower

Throwing a picnic baby shower is the perfect solution to finding a gorgeous venue that’s free!

Whether you create a setup like the below or just get your guests to bring a chair and some cosy cushions each, this is a beautiful way to celebrate your baby to be whilst being at one with nature. If you have a large outdoor space, you could host it at home too so you have toilets nearby!

Instagram image credit: @picnicperfectny

5. Under The Sea

This mermaid inspired theme is perfectly fitting for the summer months, and how gorgeous do these colors look together?!

Focus on purples, pinks and blues in your color scheme, and add a neon light for a show stopping backdrop for those photos.

Instagram image credit: @prettypowerfulkreations

6. Butterfly Themed

Butterflies are a popular theme for baby showers, demonstrating the start of a wonderful new life.

Combine a butterfly theme with beautiful soft pastels for a relaxed, beautiful color scheme. Use butterfly props and balloons to create a gorgeous backdrop.

Instagram image credit: @luxbackdrops

7. Rainbow Baby Shower

A rainbow themed baby shower is another hugely popular theme, celebrating miracle rainbow babies and beyond.

You can also lean into the boho side of things by incorporating warm neutrals, dried flowers and natural materials like rattan and bamboo into your scheme.

Instagram image credit: @bloomboxevents

8. Watermelon Wonderland

Another fruit that makes a great theme for a baby shower is you guessed it, watermelons!

Whether you go all out with watermelon themed items or just create the cutest watermelon display like the below, there’s no denying it’s a fresh and fruity theme for a summer arrival.

Instagram image credit: @farieatstheworld

9. Flamingo Flock

If you’re hosting in your garden, a flamingo theme is just the ticket! This bright and colorful theme can be used for baby boys and girls.

Combine colorful balloons for an arch, add tropical leaves and don’t forget to add flamingo touches throughout the shower.

Instagram image credit: @tre.events

10. Boho Chic

A boho inspired baby shower is a popular theme, no matter the season. With muted colors and dried flowers, if you’re a neutral gal, it’s got to be the theme for you!

We also love the ‘we can bearly wait’ touches that can be added to photo backdrops or tables. How cute is the below confetti?!

Instagram image credit: @eventivee_nam

11. Bumblebee Bash

Sweet as can be is one of the cutest sentiments and acts as an adorable baby shower theme. Perhaps your baby to be is going to have a name beginning with B?

Add bee themed cakes, table favours and theme it in yellow, white and black.

Instagram image credit: @chicfeta.ca

12. Beach Vibes

If you live near a beach, name a better place for a summer baby shower? For a relaxed, yet ultra stylish baby shower, take inspiration from the below!

Create a gorgeous picnic on the beach, with boho inspired decorations for the most picture perfect day.

Instagram image credit: @theeventcommunity

13. Fruit Themed

Name a fruit that doesn’t make a great summer theme? A zesty orange fuelled shower is as cute as they get.

We adore the oranges and soft blues in this balloon arch.

Instagram image credit: @shimmerandconfetti

14. Tropical Inspired

Aloha baby! Transport yourself to the relaxed waters of Hawaii for your baby shower with this tropical inspired theme.

Think bold, bright colors, tropical leaves and plenty of flowers.

Instagram image credit: @monas.touchofconfetti

15. Mermaid Poolside Party

If you have access to a pool, throw a mermaid poolside party to welcome in your new baby!

Instead of balloons, how about creating floating flowers above your table. They add a whimsical touch and help to complete a pretty perfect theme.

Instagram image credit: @sweet_giraffe_events

16. Donuts!

Who doesn’t love donuts? If you’re not a fan of cake, a fun donut board is the perfect addition to literally any baby shower theme you choose.

Instagram image credit: @sweet_giraffe_events

17. Colorful Grazing Board

When it comes to choosing what food to serve, family style and grazing boards are definitely a favorite. Picky food in the summer makes it super easy, and you can get guests to bring something each with them from a list so you can make sure you don’t end up with duplicates.

If you go for a grazing board theme, keep things fresh and colorful for the summer. It looks great in photographs too!

Celebrating a summer baby? Which of these themes are your favorite?!

Instagram image credit: @sweet_giraffe_events
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