Gorgeous Baby Shower Decoration Ideas That Don’t Include Balloons

Over the last few years balloon arches and balloon decorations have soared in popularity. But if you want something a little bit different, on every search you make you’re greeted by just balloon decoration ideas, sound familiar?

Whether you want something a little more understated, different, or just hate balloons, we have put together some of the most gorgeous baby shower decoration ideas, with not a balloon in sight! Take inspiration from these 19 ideas below, and don’t forget to bookmark your favorite ideas for later.

Gorgeous Baby Shower Decoration Ideas That Don’t Include Balloons

1.Swap The Balloons For Billowing Fabrics

If you’re hosting your baby shower around a sit down meal or afternoon tea, look up and see what ways you can incorporate this stunning idea into your setup.

Whether it’s a pergola or setup across your indoor table, instead of balloons, hang billowing lengths of fabric for an ethereal feel. Entwine them with fairy lights or dried flower garlands for a touch of sophistication.

Instagram image credit: @sophhirose

2. Cloud Streamers Backdrop

How whimsy does this baby shower backdrop look? Craft a similar backdrop with a curtain pole, add lengths of sheer material and create a cloud effect on the top with wadding, cotton wool or even white fluff.

This simple setup is affordable and looks amazing in whatever color scheme you are leaning towards.

Instagram image credit: @candypalazio

3. Perfect For Any Color Scheme

Swap the clouds for this dried floral backdrop. Hang colored streamers or dried flowers down the back in your chosen color scheme.

Prop up some vases of flowers on the floor for a floral theme.

Instagram image credit: @dream_event_by_yogit

4. Baby In Bloom Minimal Backdrop

Minimal, boho inspired baby showers are incredibly on trend right now. They’re simplistic and go to show that balloons aren’t needed for a stunning backdrop.

These 3D effect props can be hired or are perfect if you fancy a spot of DIY too. Use the stands to display flowers, cakes or even a teddy.

Instagram image credit: @Jennifer_decorations

5. Greet Your Guests With Flowers

Flowers are always a good idea! Greet your guests with a welcome card on an easel and some beautiful flowers. It provides the perfect initial touch point on your special day, and it serves as a beautiful backdrop for photos too.

Instagram image credit: @roses.and.ribbons

6. 3D Photobackdrop

Another 3D photo backdrop that’s effective and can be styled however you like for your baby shower. Add a bow in the color of your little one to be, display gifts, flowers, cakes or party food.

Instagram image credit: @gs.eventdecorations

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

A popular theme for a baby shower, there’s something magical and whimsical about this theme as well as it being a really classic approach.

These 3D props look effective on their own, serving as the most beautiful photo back drop for all your guests.

Instagram image credit: @colorfulpartyrental

8. Say It With Blue

If you’re expecting a baby boy, blue is still a very popular theme for a baby boy’s baby shower. We love the classic addition of the ‘Oh Baby’ text on the backdrop with blue flowers to complement the look.

Instagram image credit: @gs.eventdecorations

9. Create Stunning Floral Centerpieces

Gorgeous table decor is the best approach if you’re hosting a sit down lunch, brunch or afternoon tea with friends and loved ones.

Build a central centerpiece or take inspiration from the below and add a selection of bud vases, tapered candles and tea lights for a really magical feel.

Instagram image credit: @maddisonjcreations

10. Display A Beautiful Welcome Card

If you’re handy with graphic design (or know someone that is), this is another perfect way to welcome guests without a physical balloon in sight.

This can be a place to add the due date, what you’re most excited about and who you’re celebrating with. It will become a beautiful memento to look back on as well.

Instagram image credit: @mamabeargraphicdesign

11. Boho Inspired, Floral Theme

Boho inspired baby showers are not going anywhere anytime fast! This gender neutral backdrop is set off by the silhouette bump figure. Add florals to either side for a pop of color.

Instagram image credit: @miraval_event_design

12. A Classic Twist

It’s not often we see traditional baby showers these days, but returning to classic props like these ABC blocks creates a gorgeous backdrop, and they are perfect for props in photos too.

Instagram image credit: @uniquepropsandevents

13. Lay A Beautiful Table

Stuck for inspiration on how to lay out your table? Look no further.

Classy, and sophisticated, this tablescape is magical with soft pops of color. Add a row of vases with beautiful flower arrangements throughout.

Instagram image credit: @alinaivanitskiy

14. Baby In Bloom

Check out this blooming mama to be! We love the ‘baby in bloom’ sentiment, it’s perfect for any season and looks amazing. Lots of bunches or floral arrangements are a must for this scheme. The perfect swap for balloons.

Instagram image credit: @thepaper_florist

15. Traditional White & Blue Color Scheme

There’s nothing like a traditional blue and white color scheme if you’re celebrating the impending arrival of a boy. Add some chrome or silver metal details into the backdrop to pop in those photos with your guests.

Instagram image credit: @gs.eventdecorations

16. Say It With Light

This is a great alternative for a balloon arch. Using a ring as the base, add a floral arrangement to each side with a fabric drape over the top. Add an optional neon light for a fun effect on your photos.

Instagram image credit: @the_dream._.decor

17. Floral Filled Letters

Don’t these floral letters for ‘Girl’ look gorgeous?!

Even if you’re not finding out the gender of the child, use letters such as ‘Baby’ to celebrate the big day. Needless to say, they are the most fitting backdrop for photos.

Instagram image credit: @specialmomentseventhire

18. Over The Moon

Over the moon and back for baby! A crescent moon is an adorable prop for a baby shower. Finish with some floral bouquets in the color of your choice.

Instagram image credit: @partytime.ny

19. Our Little Ray of Sunshine

From the moon, to the sun! Celebrate that ray of sunshine with warm colors such as gold, terracotta and red. This simple backdrop really stands out against the 3D stand, and amazing cake!

There are so many alternatives to balloons when it comes to decorating for your baby shower. Take the less travelled route and let it pay off!

Instagram image credit: @the.propsisters
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