27 BEAUTIFUL Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Ideas To Try

Whether you’re celebrating the impending arrival of your wonderful rainbow baby or just love a rainbow theme (it’s one of the most popular baby shower themes!), prepare to be inspired!

Rainbow themed baby showers are colorful, beautiful and there are plenty of different ways to host one without using balloons. We’ve pulled together 27 of the best ideas to give you plenty of inspiration to plan one to perfection.

27 Beautiful Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Ideas To Try

1.Boho Vibes

The whole boho inspired trend lends perfectly into pairing it with a rainbow feel for a really relaxed, gender neutral approach to a baby shower.

Center your color scheme around browns and soft creams, and introduce the rainbow with softened pastels be it on a backdrop like this, or with balloons.

Instagram image credit: @alinebicharaevents

2. Pink Themed

You can also choose to lean into pink and blue colors depending on the gender. This pink inspired baby shower backdrop is beautiful.

We are a huge fan of incorporating balloons as they create such stunning backdrops which are perfect for plenty of photo opportunities.

Instagram image credit: @miamieventdecor

3. Sunshine & Rainbows

If you’re celebrating a rainbow baby, the sunshine after the storm is a perfect addition to your baby shower theme.

We adore these gorgeous pastel colors with balloons, sunshine and the slogan ‘our little ray of sunshine’. You could easily DIY this setup yourself with a little bit of time.

Instagram image credit: @four_forty_four_events

4. Candy Colored

When selecting rainbow colors for your theme, opting for candy colored pastels adds a beautiful dimension to a color scheme.

Instead of a dedicated photo backdrop, have one setup behind your food table for the prettiest display for your guests. Add some rainbow and cloud shaped helium balloons for an extra touch of cuteness.

Instagram image credit: @draping_party_rental

5. Reimagined Pool Noodles

Obsessed! This is easily one of favorite craftiest displays which is incredibly easy, and affordable to create.

It’s all about those pool noodles. Grab a selection in a range of colors and fasten to your wall or a board to create the most adorable and soft backdrop.

Add a beautiful bunch of flowers or a foliage arrangement at the bottom to add further interest. Position a chair in front of it for photo opportunities with your guests.

Instagram image credit: @fortheloveoffloral

6. Rainbow Balloon

If you’re going to go for it, you might as well go all out, right?

This is the ultimate rainbow balloon, add a neon light behind it for an instant photo opportunity.

Instagram image credit: @shimmerandconfetti

7. Rainbow Themed Cakes

Of course, if you’re hosting a rainbow themed baby shower, the treats should match!

This simple yet effective white iced cake looks incredible with the rainbow piping on the front. Insta friendly, tick.

Instagram image credit: @cakestudiobyana

8. Dried Flower Arch

If you’re not a fan of balloons, this is a great alternative which is just as effective. Create a rainbow shape with a dried flower arrangement hanging down to create a rainbow shape.

Prop a seat or bench up in front of the backdrop to create a social space for guests.

Instagram image credit: @red.balloon.events

9. Pastel Colored Theme

There’s something ultra delicious about pastel colors, they’re so pretty and perfect for celebrating the impending bundle of joy. Instead of creating a traditional rainbow arch, add the balloons vertically for a stunning, different look.

Instagram image credit: @picazo_events_inc

10. Rainbow Colored Streamers

Combine streamers and balloons for a gorgeous clouds and rainbow effect. This is an affordable alternative to a huge rainbow arch, and it looks amazing.

Instagram image credit: @pos3_eventos

11. Colorful Balloon Arch At Home

If you’re hosting a baby shower at home or perhaps are joining a zoom call for friends and families around the world, take inspiration from the below.

Using a fireplace as your focal feature makes this balloon arch easy to build up and it’s ideal as a backdrop on a zoom call or for photos!

Instagram image credit: @thegracefulhost.shop

12. Rainbow Colored Photo Backdrop

Instead of using traditional rainbow colours, lean into purples, pinks, yellow and blues for a stunning effect.

Use a selection of streamers for the backdrop and create a border with similar colored balloons.

Instagram image credit: @countyflowerwalls

13. Table Runners

How pretty? If you’re hosting a dinner or afternoon tea at home, this is one of the prettiest ideas which thinks outside of the box.

Create rainbow colored table runners through the table by adding different colored fabrics (they can be reused afterwards too). Give your guests something to admire with a hanging balloon feature above, how gorgeous?!

Instagram image credit: @bbjlatavola

14. Prettiest Table Decor

If you’re looking for some more inspiration when it comes to dressing a table, this should be just the ticket. Combine balloons and stunning floral arrangements up and down the table for a ditsy, natural feel.

Instagram image credit: @1whiteflowerevents

15. Gorgeous Rainbow Inspired Cake

Get a whole load of this rainbow cake? The rainbow topping and pregnancy silhouette creates such a unique looking cake and provides the perfect centerpiece to a baby shower table setup.

Instagram image credit: @sophiannascakestudio

16. Live Colorful

If you just really love rainbows and the happiness and colors that they evoke, this setup is a perfect choice.

Finish your backdrop off with a ‘live colorfully’ banner strung on the front of the table for a positively colorful setup.

Instagram image credit: @mysweetviolette

17. Outdoor Balloon Arch

If weather allows, or you’re hosting a drive by baby shower – take inspiration from the wonderful setup below. If you have the time, this setup could be done yourself at a fraction of the price, and it looks amazing.

Instagram image credit: @balloonsnribbonsevents

18. Cake Pops

If you’re not a fan of cake, try themed cake pops instead. Create them in different colors of the rainbow, or lean into pastels.

Instagram image credit: @sweets_marys

19. Oh Baby Backdrop

If you like pastels, you might like this balloon arch setup even more. We love the addition of the Dalmatian print balloons, they add such a beautiful definition to the overall scheme.

Instagram image credit: @melitasballoons

20. Rows of Streamers

Ditch the balloons, and add an affordable option with rows of streamers above the tables. They’re super pretty, colorful, inspire emotions and are perfect for grabbing stunning photos from the day.

Instagram image credit: @jenniferevansevents

21. Ascend With Color

If you’re hosting a baby shower at home, a bannister provides the perfect place to let your guests ascend with color, and the staggered height means it’s actually a pretty great place to position everyone (safely!) for photos.

Instagram image credit: @proevents_by_allison

22. Outdoor Rainbow Party Time

Forget about the balloons and anything too fancy, and just host your baby shower outdoors for a really relaxed, gorgeous baby shower.

Have a few rainbow inspired decor pieces, and get everyone to dress up in rainbow colors. There’s no expectation or need to spend way too much money on a baby shower, yet it’s just a perfect opportunity to see everyone before baby arrives.

Instagram image credit: @peaceloveandhalos

23. Boho Inspired Rainbow Theme

We do love a bohemian themed baby shower with rainbow touches. It’s so simple but is effective and relaxed. Combine florals, soft colors and natural materials like pampas grass and rattan for a stunning scheme.

Instagram image credit: @bbcollective_

24. Nature Inspired Backdrop

Swap streamers for a fake grass backdrop, because of the color it makes everything pop beautifully in front of it. If you don’t like the color, create a twist on this look with a dried floral backdrop instead.

Instagram image credit: @fancythatparty

25. Funky, Retro Colors

Experience the rainbow with funky, retro, bold colors instead. This balloon arch is giving us boho vibes and happiness. We love the addition of the flower for a really fun, vintage nod.

Instagram image credit: @bossbabebouncers

26. Pastel Macrame Rainbow Making

This might be our favorite, laid back and fun setup so far. Instead of traditional games, setup a crafting session with your guests to make macrame rainbows. It gives your guests something to take home and it’s the ultimate relaxing approach to a baby shower.

Instagram image credit: @makersmess

27. Clouds & Color

Keep things simple and create a beautiful backdrop that’s easy and affordable to achieve. Setup a backdrop with different colored streamers, you could attach them to a curtain pole. Then add white balloons to the top to mimic balloons.

Effective, and it looks amazing as a backdrop for photos.

Save your favorite ideas for later!

Instagram image credit: @nabasuk
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