15 Stunning Baby Shower Ideas On A Budget That Feel Luxurious

Elaborate baby showers look great, but they’re not accessible for the most part and they can carry a huge cost that can take away the enjoyment of the day.

With a little bit of creativity and a muck in attitude, there are SO many amazing ways that you can host a baby shower on a budget that looks just as amazing, and will release the pressure of the costs and organisation of the day.

Here are some of the best baby shower ideas on a budget that we think you will love! Screenshot your favorite ideas for later.

15 Stunning Baby Shower Ideas On A Budget That Feel Luxurious

1.Host At Home or Use A Free Venue

One of the most significant ways to keep costs low when hosting a baby shower is to host it at your own home, a family members or find a free venue that will host you for the afternoon.

There are a number of venues that often give you use of a free venue if a certain amount of money is spent on food or drinks. Ask on local community pages on Facebook for recommendations or enquire directly with the establishment.

If you want to do things as minimally as possible, hosting in your own home is the best route as it means you can use your own food and drink, and get others to bring bits along too to help out.

2. Get Crafting With Your Own DIY Decorations

If you’ve been busy pinning inspiration for baby shower decorations over on Pinterest, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to craft the same thing yourself too.

Balloon arches can be created from scratch without having to pay a fortune for someone to come out and erect one for you. Homemade centrepieces can be crafted easily with a vase and some gorgeous flowers, or use bud vases and add a series of them to a table with a single bud in each one.

If you’re looking to create a backdrop, seek inspiration from Pinterest and see what items can be purchased second hand on Facebook marketplace or a thrift store. For something that’s only going to be used once it’s a much more sensible option, and you can sell it on afterwards too!

Instagram image credit: @shimmerandconfetti

3. Potluck Style Food

Instead of getting catering in or getting an afternoon tea out, the best way to keep costs down is to ask guests to bring an individual dish each.

A great way to do this is draw up a list of everything you might need, and get guests to select something from the list. That way you won’t end up with 10 trays of sandwiches and little else. It allows you to add a personal touch to the day, and will massively reduce costs.

Here are some ideas for dishes to inspire your own list;

  • Finger sandwiches
  • Pizza slices or mini pieces
  • Vegetable platter with dip
  • Mini quiches or savory tarts
  • Sausage rolls
  • Pasta salad
  • Charcuterie board/cold meats
  • Mini cakes / Dessert bar
  • Crisps
  • Dips
  • Breadsticks
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit
  • Beverage station – juices, handmade lemonade etc
Instagram image credit: @the_social_kitchen

4. Borrow Don’t Buy

For items like serving dishes, tablecloths, and decor, see if you can borrow from friends or family instead of buying new. Get a Whatsapp group going and get everyone involved, it will take so much pressure off from the day.

And, if you can’t borrow the item, see if you can source it affordably or for free on Facebook marketplace. Then after the baby shower, relist it for sale for the same amount of money.

Instagram image credit: @kimpr0vements

5. Create Games & Activities Using Free Printables

There are so many games or baby shower activities you can use on the big day, and the majority of them are free to do! From getting your guests to guess the name and weight of the baby to filling in wishes for the parents to be.

You can get many printables like this for a free download on Pinterest or Google. But, if not, you can create your own printable on places such as Canva for FREE.

You can simply pick a template and amend it, there are more limited features on the free plan, but you’ll still be able to do everything you need to for a baby shower game printable. Here is an example of one we created on Canva ourselves that literally took 5 minutes. You’ll just need access to a printer, paper or card to get them ready for the baby shower.

6. DIY Photo Booth

It’s all about memories and getting some amazing photos with your loved ones on a baby shower that you can look back on in years to come.

Photo booths or dedicated backdrops are an iconic part of baby showers and there are so many amazing ideas you can recreate. You don’t have to be a DIY professional to have a go either! Find something you like on Pinterest and see if there are any DIY instructions on creating something similar.

Some of the easiest backdrops to create include balloon arches pushed up against a plain wall, adding garlands as a backdrop to a wall, or getting a length of some fun fabric and hanging up against a wall. Pretty much anything you see can be crafted yourself, you’ll just need access to the materials to do it.

Instagram image credit: @snapupevents

7. Balloon Decorations

Balloons are an inexpensive way to add color and flair to your event. With a bit of creativity, they can make a big impact. Balloon arches are one of the most popular additions at a baby shower which can be used as a photo prop and backdrop.

You can buy pre-made kits to create a balloon arch which includes the right amount of balloons, sizes and instructions on how to achieve it. Or, why not have your own go? Combine colors or stick to a one color scheme shower.

Instagram image credit: @warriorevents_

8. Handmade Favors

Table favors are not an essential, but if you’re hosting an at home family style meal or afternoon tea, you might want to add some charming table favors to complete your table setting.

They add a really cute addition to the table, and it’s nice for the guests to take something home from the day. Handmade favors are affordable and easy to make. Homemade cookies, small plants, or crafted items can be both personal and cost-effective. How cute do these handmade candles look below? Such a sweet gift.

Instagram image credit: @rodeen_handmade

9. Group Crafting Baby Shower

If you’re looking for wholesome baby shower activities rather than games, host a group crafting session that is a great alternative to a traditional shower, and super affordable to setup.

There are so many different types of crafts you can engage with – create a onesie DIY station, bib decorating, pacifier clips and so much more!

All you need to a big table or even floor space and enough supplies for everyone to get stuck into. Not only is it an affordable way to do a baby shower, but it’s sociable, engaging and fun for all of your guests, plus, you have plenty of gorgeous and memorable items after the day for your little one to use in the future.

Instagram image credit: @myprettylittlepicnic

10. Gather Friends For An Outdoor/At Home Picnic

If you want a cost effective baby shower that doesn’t scrimp on the experience, hosting a picnic is a brilliant middle ground. Get each of your guests to bring a different item or dish and blankets to sit on.

If the weather is nice head to a local park or use a garden space, and if weather doesn’t allow, host it on the floor inside your home. Of course, don’t forget a comfy chair for the mom to be!

Instagram image credit: @thepartyjem

11. Hot Chocolate Station – Winter Baby Shower Theme

A winter baby shower deserves a wintry theme and if mama is a fan of hot chocolates, this idea is easy to setup and a gorgeous way to gather your nearest and dearest.

Simply throw an afternoon tea style baby shower for a couple of hours in the afternoon, plenty of time to see everyone before baby arrives and setup a hot chocolate station!

Setup a station with different milks, chocolate powders, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, mugs, candy canes and more! If you have spare mason jars lying around, add all the ingredients to these for a really insta friendly look. You could finish them off by tying some twine around them with a little label. Add little nibbles to the table such as cookies, chocolates and sweets.

Instagram image credit: @tamingtwins

12. Drive By Baby Shower

The most inexpensive way to create a baby shower, is simply to host a drive by baby shower. Create a backdrop or simply pull a couple chairs up in your yard, or in your house and get guests to drop in between certain times on the day.

This is a great way to avoid overwhelm and having everyone turning up at once, there’s no expectations and it’s just a great opportunity to see everyone before baby arrives.

Instagram image credit: @thatohatsi_tulipevents

13. Head To The Beach or Local Park

If you’re looking for the world’s best FREE venues for your baby shower, head to your local beach or park!

These locations still feel intimate if you setup in your own individual section, they can be cosy and are perfect for bringing your own picnic, food and drinks.

It’s cost effective and just a brilliant way to do a baby shower that won’t break the bank.

Instagram image credit: @bluebaybeachhutwestmersea

14. Create A Bespoke Playlist

Whether you’re hosting at home, found a free venue or are at the local park, music is the best way to set the mood and create an ambient feeling with guests.

Create your own bespoke playlist for the day, whether that’s relaxing tunes or songs that you and your friends listened to together when you were 18!

15. Assign Guests A Game, Food To Bring

Get guests to bring their own! Instead of gifts, get your guests to bring a game or activity of their choice and a food dish to bring along. Like we mentioned before, setup a wishlist for the baby shower and get friends to tick off what they’d like to bring along so you avoid any crossovers.

It will take the pressure off hosting the baby shower and you’ll find that guests are more than happy to help out. It keeps costs down and allows you to all have an amazing time together.

Baby showers DO NOT have to be expensive! These budget friendly ideas don’t scrimp on the experience or look of the event, yet it releases the pressure and allows you to just enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. Do you have any other amazing ideas for keeping costs down at a baby shower? Please share with the community below, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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