13 Refreshing Baby Shower Alternatives

Traditional baby showers involve a party or gathering of your nearest female family and friends. Typically it might be hosted at a house or at a restaurant.

There’s baby shower games, plenty of food and a time to share your wishes and gifts with the mom to be. But, baby showers aren’t for everyone. Whether you hate the idea of a traditional baby shower or enjoy more intimate moments with friends, there are other ways that you can celebrate the impending arrival of your little one.

If you want to do something but you’re just not sure what, take a look at these refreshing baby shower alternatives that might feel a more comfortable way to celebrate welcoming your baby into the world.

13 Refreshing Baby Shower Alternatives

1.Baby Sprinkle

For parents who already have children, a baby sprinkle is a lighter, less extravagant event than a traditional shower.

It’s focused more on celebrating the new baby rather than stocking up on essentials, which the parents likely already have from their previous child or children.

Whether you have people over to your house or you host a little get together at your favorite local cafe, this can be a great way to gather your nearest and dearest without there being any pressure on presents and baby shower setup.

2.Diaper Party

Baby showers don’t just have to be for expectant moms, we love this idea that can include males too. After all, it’s the beginning of a journey for the two of you!

Guests are invited to bring a pack of diapers in exchange for enjoying a casual party, often with barbecue or another type of easygoing, fun food. It’s a practical way to help the parents stock up on much-needed supplies.

Plus, you will never have enough diapers gifted to you, it is literally the perfect gift idea that keeps on giving!

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3. Book Baby Shower

If you are a natural book worm, this might be the best baby shower alternative yet!

Encourage guests to bring their favorite children’s book instead of traditional baby gifts. This helps build a lovely library for the baby and introduces the new family to a wide range of stories and educational materials. Books can be second hand and it puts much less pressure on what guests might feel they need to bring to a traditional baby shower.

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4. Freezer Meal Party

Preparation is going to be a god send for those initial first weeks of becoming a parent, and perhaps, this might be one of the most thoughtful types of showers, and presents there could be!

A practical and thoughtful alternative, where guests prepare and bring freezer-friendly meals to the shower. This helps the parents-to-be stock up on meals for those hectic first weeks after the baby arrives, alleviating some of the stress of meal planning.

We know how it is, after having a baby takeaway after takeaway not only becomes difficult, but eating healthy and goodness enriched food will help to speed up recovery and get you feeling well mentally too.

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5. Crafting Party

If you’re looking for fun activities other than traditional baby shower games, hosting a crafting party gets everyone involved, it’s fun and sociable!

Get everyone to come together to craft something special for the baby, such as personalized onesies, blankets, or nursery decorations. It’s a creative and fun way to make unique gifts that the parents will treasure.

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6. Virtual Baby Shower

We have the 2020 pandemic to thank for this idea! For families and friends who are spread out geographically, a virtual baby shower can be a great way to connect everyone.

Through video conferencing, guests can participate in games, open gifts, and celebrate the upcoming arrival together. Not only can it feel more laidback to a traditional in person baby shower, but it’s completely FREE too!

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7. Charity Shower

If you feel uncomfortable able accepting gifts from friends, in lieu of gifts, guests are asked to donate to a charity that’s meaningful to the parents-to-be.

This is a beautiful way to celebrate by giving back and can be particularly meaningful for families who feel they already have everything they need.

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8. Mom’s Retreat

A relaxing day for the mom-to-be with close friends or family, focusing on pampering and relaxation. This could include a spa day, a nice lunch, and no baby talk—just a day to celebrate the mom before her life changes with the new arrival.

This allows you to complete destress, have some girl time and just general fun!

9. Drive By Day

Instead of having a set time for people to turn up, host a drive by day instead! We love this idea because it allows your guests to drop in whenever they can for a short amount of time, giving you more intimate time with each person as they arrive.

Send invites and set a time to drop in between certain hours, or even give each person a different slot time! This is a great way to stop the feel of overwhelm, and you can then take the day at your own pace which is super important during the final weeks of pregnancy.

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10. Sip and See

Similar to a welcome baby party, a Sip and See is a relaxed gathering held after the baby is born. Guests come over to ‘sip’ on some beverages and ‘see’ the newborn.

It’s a wonderful way for the family to introduce their newest member without the pressure of hosting right after the baby’s arrival. Again, hosting it after baby has arrived is a great time for additional support and company when you really do need it most.

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11. Welcome Baby Party

Leading up to having a baby can sometimes be hectic and fitting in a baby shower might not be the first thing on your list. Instead of fitting one in before baby arrives, why not host a welcome baby part a month or two after the arrival?

Not only does it allow everyone to meet the new little one, but after the birth it gives you a little extra support and comfort when you need it most. This allows everyone to meet the new arrival and can be more inclusive, as dads and male friends can join in the celebration too.

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12. Afternoon Tea

Why not host a small intimate gathering at home with a pre-made afternoon tea? This relaxed way to celebrate baby and impending motherhood is relaxed and an affordable way to host everyone for an afternoon.

If the weather allows, why not take it outside!

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13. Casual Picnic With Friends & Family

Instead of a meal out, create a baby shower picnic with friends and families. Get every guest to bring a different item, blankets and tableware and suddenly you have a feast to enjoy with your loved ones that doesn’t have to break the bank.

If the weather isn’t playing ball, create a picnic floor inside with blankets and cosy cushions to sit on, not forgetting a chair for the pregnant mama to be!

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If you don’t fancy the idea of a traditional baby shower, these are some great alternatives that can include the males in your life, and are pretty affordable ways to celebrate too! Do you have any other ideas? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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