21 Charming Baby Shower Ideas For Twins

Getting ready to welcome twins into the world is double the fun, and they definitely deserve being thrown a twin specific baby shower!

Whether you’re in the planning stages for a loved one, or you’re having a go at organising your own baby shower, we’ve put together some of the best and most unique baby shower ideas for twins that we think you will love!

21 Charming Baby Shower Ideas For Twins

1.Two Peas In A Pod

For a pair of expectant twins, there is no cuter idea than throwing a two peas in a pod themed shower. Decorate in shades of green, use pea pod decorations, and serve foods that come in pairs or are double-layered.

We love this backdrop below which features peas in a pod and a relevant color scheme used across their balloon arch.

Instagram image credit: @thequeenfactory

2. Bears and Balloons

There’s something about bears that are hugely popular for baby showers, and is just generally cute! We adore this hot air balloon design with the two bears in situ.

Balloon arches are everywhere when it comes to baby showers, so this makes a charming alternative which allows you to focus on a specific color scheme, or feature a whole host of beautiful pastel colors as shown below.

Instagram image credit: @uniqueballoonsleeds

3. Groovy Baby!

How about throwing it back and hosting a retro baby shower theme of the momma to be? This simple but effective theme looks amazing, and you can really have fun with the backdrop you make.

Take note of the color scheme and the funky balloon arch. Do use rattan props such as these to give that retro vibe.

Instagram image credit: @crownerentals

4. Thing 1, Thing 2

Inspired by the Dr. Seuss characters, use red, white, and blue decorations, and use Thing 1 and Thing 2 props throughout, including adorable cakes like these!

This is a popular theme and works beautifully for a twins baby shower.

Instagram image credit: @sweetcreationsbyb

5. Pooh Bear Themed, Twice As Sweet!

We adore this twice as sweet as can bee with this pooh bear themed baby shower. Let’s face it, setting up the main backdrop is the key part of most baby showers these days. It gives you ample opportunities for photos and it looks amazing.

Instagram image credit: @mylittlepartydecoration

6. Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is an arguably super popular theme for a baby shower, whether you’re expecting just the one baby or twins.

Opt for animal pairs decorations, animal-themed games, and serve animal-shaped snacks. Pick a gorgeous color scheme that is relevant to the theme, we love this blue and earthy neutral theme for a baby boy.

Instagram image credit: @all.things.nv

7. Double The Love

Use hearts and duplicate everything from decorations to desserts to emphasize the double joy. Leaning into pinks and reds is a gorgeous way to celebrate the twins.

More is definitely more here!

Instagram image credit: @carnivalcreations.perth

8. Boho Inspired

Boho baby showers are up there with being one of the most popular baby shower schemes as they are often gender neutral, simplistic and carry a really calming color scheme with them.

How beautiful does this backdrop look? We love the sentiment ‘two hearts, 4 feet’ on the backdrop.

Instagram image credit: @somethinghappy.ca

9. A Pair of Cuties

If you love the twin sentiments, this one is another of our favourites – ‘a pair of cuties is on the way’.

We’re used to seeing lots of neutral colors in these backdrops, but why not go the opposite way and celebrate with beautifully bold and bright colors? It will pop in photographs and looks amazing.

Instagram image credit: @thesimpleluxeevents

10. Kitties & Pumpkins – Halloween Themed

If your little ones are due during spooky season, adopt a Halloween theme to your baby shower instead.

Celebrate the impending arrival of twins with two kitties coming out of a pumpkin. This style of baby shower is best suited to a mama to be who loves everything to do with Halloween.

Instagram image credit: @sugarranchbakeshop

11. Lion King Baby Shower

Lion King is something that has been in our hearts for years, and likely something you grew up with. Take it full circle and theme your baby shower in the same way.

Use a bold color scheme, add ‘Hakuna Matata’ sentiments and don’t forget to add a couple of well known plushies too!

Instagram image credit: @red.balloon.events

12. Two Scoops

If you’re throwing a summer baby shower, we couldn’t think of a more unique theme than ‘two scoops’. It’s adorable, sweet and this setup as shown in the image below is super fun.

The neon lights make for the best photo opportunities, as do the lolly decorative elements and the ice cream balloon setup, very cool!

Instagram image credit: @lavieposh.bylisamaciel

13. Light It Up

We see more made up backdrops these days at baby shower, but adding traditional lights like this is still one of the cutest ways to meet your guests and deliver opportunities for photos during the day.

Instagram image credit: @theballoonmom

14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Based on a much loved nursery rhyme, this twinkle twinkle little stars theme is charming and magical for an expectant mom of twins.

Incorporate stars into your decorations, create a night sky atmosphere, and use a lullaby playlist in the background.

Instagram image credit: @1whiteflowerevents

15. Oh Baby

Keep the baby shower theme simple and no-nonsense with a traditional ‘Oh Babies’ element to the theme. Keep the scheme gender neutral, but if you know the sex of the babies, incorporate those colors into balloons, accessories and food!

Instagram image credit: @martinezpartyrentals

16. Pink and Blue Baby Shower

If you’ve found out the sex of the twins and you’re expecting a gorgeous little boy and girl, celebrate accordingly and make it known in your backdrop by combining pink and blue throughout.

Instagram image credit: @mmashekoevents

17. Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette remains one of the most popular baby shower color schemes. It’s perfect for those who don’t yet know the sex of the babies, but even for those that do.

It has a boho lean to it and looks amazing. Incorporate a range of neutral colors into the scheme with balloons, decorative accessories, food and even your clothing choices if you want to set a dress scheme.

Instagram image credit: @thaisbeltramedecoracoes

18. Drive By Baby Shower

Drive by baby showers became a thing during the lockdown era, but they remain popular as they’re a great way for loved ones to drop in during the course of the day so it doesn’t get crazy busy at once.

Just setup a gorgeous photo backdrop and let your guests come as they please, giving you more one on one time with your loved ones, and a great excuse to get photos with everybody!

Instagram image credit: @ohsoeventful_sa

19. Carnival Themed

A carnival theme for a baby shower is a lot of fun! It’s not going to be the cheapest setup, and you definitely need a large outdoor area or inside venue to house a similar setup to this.

However, you could scale this back and still add similar elements through the theme, colors and food.

Instagram image credit: @papier.events

20. Butterflies Baby Shower

Butterflies are on the way is a gorgeous way to celebrate the impending arrival of a pair of twins.

Use butterfly decorations, floral arrangements, and pastel colors for a soft, enchanting vibe.

Instagram image credit: @four_forty_four_events

21. Cowboys & Cowgirls!

Yee-hah! This has got to be one of our favorite ways to round up these baby shower ideas for twins. This color scheme is super fun with the addition of the cow print and it brings a gorgeous and fun element to a baby shower.

Go one step further and get your guests to dress the part too!

If you’re in the midst of hosting a shower, we hope you have an amazing time! If you have any other ideas to celebrate twins to be, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Instagram image credit: @dreamluxeevents.x
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