How To Have A Baby Shower During Lockdown

how to have a baby shower during lockdown

If you’re looking to throw a baby shower in lockdown, congratulations! Your little one is nearly here and a baby shower is a better time than any to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. As the lockdown restrictions still remain and with social distancing almost a definite for a little while to come, you might be at that stage of wondering how to throw a lockdown if throwing a face to face gathering isn’t possible.

Whilst it’s not ideal, you can still throw an amazing baby shower during a lockdown that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on anything. Even COVID can’t stop us!

How To Have A Baby Shower During Lockdown?

Whilst a baby shower isn’t an essential, it’s a great time to include your loved ones and have some one on one time with them before your life completely changes. Whilst a traditional baby shower is out of the question, the good news is that there is plenty of alternative ideas.

Host A Virtual Baby Shower

Over the last 12 months we’ve all become well accustomed with Zoom, HouseParty, FaceTime and the likes. We’re incredibly lucky that we can continue to stay connected virtually. Zoom is a great option for hosting a baby shower online because you can host up to 100 guests for 40 minutes as part of their free plan. Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean you can’t send out proper, paper invites to get everyone excited for the event!

Setup a gorgeous backdrop for added excitement for the baby shower. There’s loads of affordable ways to create your own balloon wall too which look incredible. A great opportunity for a photo opp on the day of the baby shower that you can still share with your friends that couldn’t attend on social media.

Plan out the time during the 40 minutes which is plenty of time to throw some traditional baby shower games and have a good gossip with a slice of cake. It’s no party without cake, let’s face it!

how to have a baby shower in lockdown

Host A Virtual Gift Opening Session

Baby showers are usually a great time to gift the mum to be with some goodies before their bundle arrives. If someone was to organise this on behalf of the mum to be, you could collect or get all the gifts sent across in advance for them to be opened on a joint gift opening session. You can then still thank your loved ones in person and make a really fun evening or day out of it. Just make sure that cake is a mandatory part of the event!

Drive By Baby Shower

As long as restrictions in your area allow you to travel a short distance, a drive by baby shower is a fantastic idea to get to see all your loved ones in the flesh. Drive by baby showers are a great idea if you have some garden space and weather permitting too, of course.

Setup a little location in your garden that’s comfy and decorate it for the occasion too. Give your loved ones a designated time each for them to drop by for a little chat. Even just a drive by to beep and shout out the window is a lovely way to stay connected and honour the upcoming arrival of your little one.

Host An Outside Baby Shower

If restrictions allow a small number to meet then hosting an outside baby shower is a fantastic idea. You could also have the option of allowing the others to join in a virtual call so no one has to miss out on seeing the mum to be. Setup under a gazebo, bring in lots of cosy cushions and chairs to make sure everyone is comfortable, and adhere to social distancing throughout.

how to have a baby shower in lockdown

Meet The Baby Session

If throwing a baby shower in a non traditional way doesn’t suit you during lockdown, don’t panic. A baby shower is absolutely not an essential and you should only do what you’re comfortable with during this unprecedented time.

You can always let the pressure ease and once baby is here and restrictions might be different, you could do a meet the baby session instead! Again, you could give your loved ones different times and days to give them some proper one on one time with the new arrival.

As always, ensure you are following your local guidelines and adhere to social distancing when introducing your baby to new faces.

Baby showers do have to be reimagined for the time being, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be any less amazing! Keep an eye on our Instagram for more on our #BjarniJourney.

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