5 Tips For Creating Gender Neutral Nurseries

gender neutral nursery

Perhaps you’re at that stage where you’re umming and ahhing about whether to find out the babies gender. Usually though, your mind is made up from the get go and whatever works for you. Finding out the gender of the baby in advance can be hugely helpful in terms of picking out items of clothing and creating a room that will suit their gender.

Ten years ago there was very little on the market to cater towards both boys and girls, otherwise known as gender neutral or unisex. As time has gone by gender neutral clothing and accessories is something to be celebrated. Additionally, just because you have a girl, why can’t she wear clothing with tractors on too? We now live in a world that is more supportive of the gender neutral route and more and more families are choosing to wait to find out the gender.

Bringing a baby into the world is exciting enough as it is, but not knowing the gender and finding out once they’re born is such a magical feeling. And contrary to popular belief, you can plan both clothing and their nursery without knowing the sex too!

If you’re avidly awaiting the arrival of your little one and don’t know what you’re having, we explore 5 tips to help you create a super magical, gender neutral nursery.

1.Create Cosiness With Textured Layers

A gender neutral cosy nursery? When can we move in! Neutral spaces can be such warming and cosy spaces, we see living rooms like this littered over Pinterest on a daily basis. By adding textured layers such as rugs, ceiling lights and furniture, they create visual interest and depth to the room.

Just take this gorgeous nursery space that is layered with cosy blankets and cushions. Complete with a textured mobile for stimulation and warmth. Who said gender neutral had to be boring?

gender neutral nursery
Image: Pinterest

2. Go For Monochrome

A monochromatic nursery offers a deeper level than just looking stylish. When babies are young, black and white tied together with certain patterns becomes a stimulating room. The visual contrast encourages babies to explore the different patterns and textures offered, giving a multi-sensory experience to young explorers.

You can make it as subtle as you want in a room with prints, pieces of decor or create a real visual treat by using monochromatic wall stickers.

3. Bring The Outside In

With touches of bohemian vibes, bring nature indoors to add depth and character to the nursery. Whether this is done through jungle prints with nods to the outdoor or through greenery, they are all versatile colours that can be worked easily into a room.

Make like this bohemian nursery which has gorgeously introduced touches of the outdoors with printed bedding, a natural cot, jungle prints and a white backdrop. It’s simple, uber gorgeous and perfect for boys and girls.

gender neutral nursery
Image: Pinterest

4. Use Pops of Colour

Be creative! As your baby starts to grow you want their nursery to be their safe haven that is fun, colourful and a real delight for their eyes! Adding energising colour can bring to life an otherwise plain nursery. Use coloured shelving units, a neon name sign, rugs and toys to bring in those gentle or daring pops of colour.

5. Keep It Simple

If all else fails, keep it simple with a minimalist nursery. Your current interiors might take a lead with this, if your home is minimalist throughout, you’re probably going to want the nursery to have a similar feel.

A minimalist space is one that is uncluttered and simple. Opt for natural colours and neutrals, and the less is more approach. You can always add a touch of contrast or colour where necessary through toys, bedding or furniture.

gender neutral nursery

A gender neutral nursery is still one that you may consider if you do know the gender. In recent years it’s become an incredibly popular choice as it’s simple, effective and still beautiful. Take a look at our full range of gender neutral baby clothing for more inspiration. Keep an eye on our Instagram for more on our #BjarniJourney.

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