Trendy & Easy To Wear Maternity Workwear Outfit Ideas

Dressing an ever changing body can at times feel tricky to tackle, especially when it comes to office workwear. Maternity options have come some way, but they can still be very limited and feel uninspiring.

If you’re looking for some trendy options to dress your new shape, take inspiration from these stylish and easy to wear maternity outfit ideas that anyone can recreate.

Capsule Wardrobe Maternity Workwear Ideas

Creating a capsule wardrobe is one of the best ways of creating multiple outfit ideas from a set amount of items. Especially for maternity wear where it isn’t worn year after year, it will keep your costs down but eliminate decision fatigue when choosing an outfit in the morning.

Here is everything we recommend including in a capsule wardrobe for work that is comfortable, and stylish.

  • Classic white shirt
  • Black jeans or trousers
  • Midi skirt x 2 (grey, white or color of your choice)
  • LBD x 2
  • Blazer
  • Cardigan
  • Winter coat (if the season needs it!)
  • Comfy basic tees that can be worn with skirts/trousers

21 Maternity Workwear Outfit Ideas

1.Layer With A Blazer

One of the easiest ways to elevate any maternity workwear look is simply by adding a blazer. This simple styling trick will elongate your body, and skims your bump.

To nail this look, opt for a longer length blazer which is slightly oversized, it won’t work well with cropped blazers or one’s that look too tight. Don’t bother looking for maternity options, just find a blazer you love and size up!

Instagram image credit: @vivnorden

2. Black & White For A Classic Look

When is black and white not a good idea? We are obsessed with this chic and easy to pull together look. If you go for skinny or fitted jeans on the bottom half, opt for an oversized jumper for variation in your look.

Horizontal stripes shouldn’t be avoided just because you’re pregnant, they still look chic and classic.

Instagram image credit: @katepowellstyling

3. A Timeless LBD

Maternity or not, there’s always a place for a timeless LBD in workwear and it’s just one of the easiest outfits to wear. Stat.

A couple of black dresses will serve you throughout pregnancy and you can dress up and change how they look with blazers, trench coats and cardigans. Wear with flats, boots or small heels for elevation.

Instagram image credit: @heather_shipley

4. Combine A Midi Skirt With Tee & Layer

Midi skirts and basic tees should join your LBD in becoming a key capsule wardrobe for maternity workwear. The beauty of one midi skirt is that is can be worn a number of ways with different colored tees and blazers.

You can’t go wrong with a black or grey midi skirt, as they literally go with everything!

Instagram image credit: @chicprofessor

5. Bodycon Dress & Flats

Opting for a classic body con dress is a popular look, and perfect for embracing that beautiful bump!

Pair with flats or sandals for a super casual but smart look for spring and summer workwear. Team with tights and a coat in the colder months.

Instagram image credit: @theeditbutton

6. Finish With A Long Length Wool Coat

Dressing for winter? This maternity workwear look is one of our faves, and super chic!

If you have a body con dress or skirt, generally you want to add a coat or top layer that elongates the bottom and adds some texture. This long length wool coat is the perfect addition to this workwear look, and it can be worn beyond maternity wear too due to its natural oversized look.

Instagram image credit: @Ali.belamant

7. Maxi Jumper Dresses For The Win

Now, that’s how to do maternity workwear! This maxi jumper dress not only looks super comfortable, but it’s sophisticated and stylish. Finish the look with a long length coat or black jacket and some knee high boots.

What’s not to love?

Instagram image credit: @legallybrownxoxo

8. Wrap Around Dress To Embrace That Bump

Wrap around dresses are renown for being the most flattering style of dress, no matter your body shape.

They look extra great when wrapped around your growing bump. Instead of black and grey, go for a bolder color like red to make a statement. A powerful color to wear for workwear!

Instagram image credit: @everythingkaylaxoxo

9. Long Length Boots & A Slit Skirt

If you want to reveal a bit of skin in your workwear look, take note from the below inspiration!

A slit in a dress or skirt will always bring a new dimension to your outfit, it’s sexy, but super smart. Team with knee high boots to elevate the look, flats don’t work as well with this style of outfit.

Instagram image credit: @sullivanstyling

10. Stylish Co-ord

A co-ord is never not a good idea, regardless of age or bump! This gorgeous pattern works so well as a co-ord as the vertical lines elongate the body and skim that gorgeous bump.

Another reason we love a co-ord is the removal of fashion decision fatigue in the morning, it’s one of the best put together outfits, but easiest to achieve of a morning.

Instagram image credit: @leyakaufmom

11. The White Shirt: Everyday Essential

Another item that should become part of your maternity workwear capsule wardrobe is the white shirt! You don’t necessarily need to pick a maternity specific white shirt for this, but they will look better fitted rather than sizing up.

A white shirt provides the perfect basis for pairing with smart pants, jeans or a skirt.

Instagram image credit: @expectations_maternity

12. Wow In Lilac

Don’t shy away from wearing color in your workwear, pregnant or not! Be led by colors that make you feel good, and lilac is one of those feel good colors that is perfect for spring maternity wear and beyond.

This top ticks the boxes on color, and the gorgeous ruffle adds texture and breaks up the monotony of the fabric.

Instagram image credit: @legallybrownxoxo

13. Dalmatian Print

Black and white Dalmatian print has been trending for a few years now, it’s a more modern approach to traditional polka dots and looks fab in this top and skirt combo.

Tie the look together with a matching hairband for a cohesive look throughout.

Instagram image credit: @sophiepatersoninteriors

14. It’s All About Ruffles

It’s those ruffles again! Picking a dress which has some kind of detail like ruffles just helps to break up the monotony of fabric and adds extra visual interest.

This perfectly placed midriff ruffle helps to beautifully showcase that gorgeous bump.

Instagram image credit:

15. Layer With White

This maternity workwear look ticks ALL the boxes for us! Dressing with slightly tonally different whites adds interest and looks perfectly executed.

Team a gorgeous dress with white blazer, it instantly smartens up the look. White flats or heels will help to elongate the look!

Instagram image credit: @maryorton

16. Dress Up Jeans

Who said jeans can’t be smart too? If you have skin tight jeans on the lower half, add volume up above with a floaty smock and gorgeous overcoat.

The ruffle sleeves add detail and smarten up the overall look.

Instagram image credit: @katepowellstyling

17. Bring Texture With A Front Tie Top

Another great alternative to a wrap dress is a front tie top. These add beautiful texture and create a flattering silhouette with your bump.

A sage green color is always a good idea for workwear, it’s easy on the eye and suits more skin tones.

Instagram image credit: @legallybrownxoxo

18. Black & Navy Deserve To Be Seen Together

There’s always an ongoing debate in the fashion world that black and navy blue don’t go together, but we think they always deserve to be seen together.

In the right elements, these colors work beautifully together. Take inspiration from the below and pair a classic black dress with an oversized navy blue blazer with gold buttons.

Instagram image credit: @whatveewore

19. Lean Into Neutral Tones

Neutral colors are still very much in, from fashion to our interiors. Swap the LBD for a cream, taupe or light brown dress. It’s neutral and can be more flattering to skin tone than a white.

Top with a white blazer or something a little bit bolder if you want to bring color into your overall look.

Instagram image credit: @houseofnavy

20. Layer With A Chunky Knit

How perfect is this look for Autumn or winter wear? The chunky knit jumper on top adds a layer, texture and works perfectly with a capsule wardrobe white shirt.

Pair with black skinny jeans to complement the more voluminous look on top.

Instagram image credit: @pregnant_professional

21. Pair A Long Sleeve Top With Dress For Added Warmth

Rework your summer dresses for winter too! Add warmth by layering with a long sleeve black polo underneath, it suddenly increase your maternity workwear outfit ideas and it looks gorgeous too!

Instagram image credit: @katepowellstyling
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