21 Stylish Spring Maternity Outfit Ideas That Don’t Look Frumpy

Stepping into Spring with a bump in tow doesn’t need to make your outfit choices more difficult than if you weren’t shopping for a maternity body. Whilst maternity clothing can sometimes feel un-inspiring and frumpy, there are so many stylish Spring maternity outfit ideas that will make you feel great, whilst keeping you comfortable too.

We’ve put together 21 of the best Spring maternity outfits, from maxi dresses to casual looks that we think you and your bump will love!

21 Stylish Spring Maternity Outfit Ideas That Don’t Look Frumpy

1.Lean Into Those Stripes

You might instantly think that avoiding horizontal stripes is best practice as traditionally horizontal stripes can make things look bigger than they are. But, take note from the below photo on just how good those stripes really can look.

This matching two piece makes it super easy to throw on and style, and well, it looks amazing, and SO comfy!

Instagram image credit: @katiepennyjeffries

2. Add A Shacket For Added Warmth & Style

We love how casual yet trendy this maternity outfit looks. Again, we’re seeing how those horizontal stripes look great. It’s all about layering in Spring to contend with the transitional weather, so invest in a good quality shacket that could be used beyond pregnancy.

Instagram image credit: @puttingmetogether

3. Keep Things Simple With A Bumpsuit

The Bumpsuit is one of those super casual, comfy yet ultra stylish looks. So simple to pull off, but it might not be something everyone feels comfortable in. If you’re on the fence about this style, finish off with a long length trench coat which further elongates the body and adds some lovely texture and depth of color in the look.

Instagram image credit: @desireenicholep

4. Pair Tonal Colors For Color Cohesion

Outfit nailed! Pick a dress or midi dress and pair it with a jumper in the same tonal color as demonstrated beautifully below.

Keep things dainty with flats or add some ankle boots for a little bit of height.

Instagram image credit: @seraphinematernity

5. A Blazer Instantly Finishes off A Look

Pregnancy or no pregnancy, a good blazer is an absolute design essential for the wardrobe. Layered over a maxi dress, jeans or a skirt and it completely transforms the look. It’s perfect for maternity office wear, a casual day out shopping or a meal out with friends.

Instagram image credit: @bumpsuit

6. Keep It Casual With A Bomber Jacket & Jeans

Take note from the below image for a completely cool and casual look for mama to be. Keep your base simple with jeans and a plain tee and top with a bomber jacket. This look is perfect for incorporating elements of your pre pregnancy wardrobe without having to spend more money on new jackets.

Instagram image credit: @stitchfix

7. Layer With A Long Cardigan

Layering is always a good idea, especially for Spring. Hannah was the queen of pregnancy fashion and this cute number has been dressed up by red kitten heels and a long length cardigan that elongates her body. Note how she has used pops of red throughout her outfit for perfect color cohesion.

Instagram image credit: @hannahfgale

8. Pop On A Pair of Dungarees

You don’t need to be decorating to enjoy a good old pair of dungarees. They are another completely easy outfit idea to throw on, layer underneath with a t-shirt or long length top for added warmth.

Instagram image credit: @tuesdayparazo

9. Elevate A Jumper With A Midi Skirt

Hannah is back at it again with another gorgeous pregnancy look for Spring. A jumper tucked into a midi skirt is a beautiful look for anyone. It elongates the body and elasticated waistbands make it super cosy and comfortable for the day ahead.

Instagram image credit: @hannahfgale

10. Maxi Length Dresses For Ultimate Comfort

Comfy, slightly oversized maxi length dresses are the ultimate in pregnancy comfort, I don’t care what anyone else says. They are loose fitted, allow you and bump to breathe and yet the relaxed style looks super trendy. Add a trench coat or denim jacket for extra warmth if you need it.

Instagram image credit: @bohobeachteacher

11. Combine A Classic Long Length Maxi Dress & Denim Jacket

Simple dressing is all you need during pregnancy, you don’t have to overwork an outfit for it to look amazing. Layer up a long length maxi dress with a denim jacket. It adds structure, warmth and looks good on bump.

Instagram image credit: @_sonjas_picturebook

12. Pick An Earthy Color Palette

Neutral, earthy color palettes are always a good idea. There’s something calming about them and all tonal colors look great together.

Take note from this olive green maxi dress and off beige long length jacket. Finish the look with a pair of ankle boots.

Instagram image credit: @oliviamaybell

13. Add A Fabulous Trench Coat For A Cover Up

A trench coat is a saving grace during Spring when you can’t guarantee what the weather will be like. It’s the perfect cover up, the long length elongates your shape and adds warmth to your outfit. Layer over a maxi dress for a cosy, stylish look.

Instagram image credit: @wearskelly

14. Nail Smart Casual With A Midi Skirt

Spring maternity workwear can still be comfy and smart. Pair a simple white tee with a midi skirt and throw on a cardigan for an extra layer of warmth. Stick on a pair of flats or ankle boots for ultimate comfort.

Instagram image credit: @tall.blonde.teacher

15. Pair Pink With Monochrome

Pink, black and white is the ultimate trio of colours. Instead of a midi skirt, swap out for some casual pants like this. Finish with a pair of white sneakers for a well put together look. We couldn’t love this outfit look more if we tried!

Instagram image credit: @hangersandlash

16. Combine A Bodycon With A Leather Jacket

Bodycon dresses are one of the most flattering types of dresses for maternity wear. They skim and show that bump off beautifully. Pair with a slightly oversized leather jacket for the perfect outfit structure.

Instagram image credit: @iri_raquel

17. Leggings Are A Fail Safe Option For Layering

Leggings are the best layering item for maternity outfits. Stat. Leggings can pretty much be warn with anything, we love the addition of the slightly oversized jumper with slit in this spring look. Comfy, cosy and stylish.

Instagram image credit: @hangersandlash

18. Keep It Flirty With A Midi Dress & Boots

If weather allows, don’t hide that body away! We love this floral midi dress, it adds a flirty dimension to the outfit and tailed with cowboy boots for an ultra cool look for that mama to be.

Instagram image credit: @_leighbrandie_

19. Keep Cool & Comfortable With A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is always a winner, we love the dainty straps on this one which shows a little bit of extra skin. If you’re feeling the chill choose to layer with a denim jacket or shacket.

Instagram image credit: @xomerilee

20. Floaty Fabrics Are Perfect For Spring Weather

Spring was made for maxi dresses and floaty fabrics that look amazing. We love this maternity dress which has the additional frill detail around the neckline. Pair with flats or sneakers for a casual, yet smart look.

Instagram image credit: @doctor.leen

21. Oversized Jumper Dresses For The Win

Finally, for those Spring days that are still holding onto winter for dear life, oversized jumper dresses will be your best friend. They are a no-nonsense piece of clothing that can easily be thrown on and finished with some boots or flats.

Instagram image credit: @Daniella_milan
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