Easter Activities for Baby: A Guide to a Memorable First Easter

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and it’s even more special when you have a little one to share it with. For parents looking to create unforgettable memories with their baby’s first Easter, we’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of fun and baby friendly Easter activities.

These activities are designed to be fun, safe, and engaging, ensuring that parents can enjoy these precious moments with ease and comfort.

Easter Activities for Baby

1. Easter-Themed Sensory Bins

Create a sensory bin with Easter-themed items like plastic eggs, soft bunnies, and colorful ribbons. Sensory play is great for babies’ development, and it’s a safe indoor activity. Grab an empty lunchbox or tray and away you go, you’re likely to have most of the items readily available in the house so it offers an affordable Easter activity.

Tip: Use large items to avoid choking hazards and always supervise your baby during play.

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2. Easter Egg “Rolling”

Babies might be too young for a traditional egg hunt, but they can still enjoy an Easter egg rolling game. Use large plastic eggs and let your baby push or roll them on the floor.

Safety: Ensure the play area is clear of any sharp objects or edges.

3. Baby’s First Easter Photo Shoot

Set up a DIY Easter-themed photo shoot at home. Use pastel-colored blankets, stuffed animals, and soft Easter baskets as props. Capture your baby’s adorable moments in their first Easter outfit.

Tip: Natural light is best for baby photography. Try to schedule the shoot during morning or late afternoon for softer light.

4. Handprint or Footprint Easter Art

Create a keepsake with baby-safe, non-toxic paint. Press your baby’s hand or foot onto paper to make Easter-themed art like bunnies or chicks. Once dry, draw on the ears and face details and punch a hole through. Simply thread with ribbon of your choice and hang on an Easter tree. They make great gifts too!

Tip: Have everything set up beforehand and clean your baby’s hands or feet immediately after.

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5. Outdoor Picnic with a Story Time

If the weather allows, have a small picnic outdoors. Bring along a blanket, some toys, create an Easter themed food setup and an Easter-themed book to read to your baby. Rainy day? Bring the picnic party to the floor inside and put on an Easter movie!

Safety: Choose a shaded, grassy area for comfort and safety.

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6. Easter Parade at Home

Organize a mini parade around your home or garden. Decorate a wagon or stroller with Easter decorations and take your baby on a festive ride.

Tip: Play soft Easter-themed music to add to the ambiance.

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7. Soft Easter Basket Exploration

Fill a soft, baby-safe Easter basket with items like plush toys, fabric books, and teething rings. Let your baby explore the textures and colors.

Safety: Make sure all items are age-appropriate and free of small parts.

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8. Singing Easter Songs Together

Music is a wonderful way to engage with your baby. Sing simple Easter songs or nursery rhymes to entertain and soothe them.

Tip: Include hand motions or puppetry to make it more engaging.

9. Visit a Local Petting Zoo

If there’s a petting zoo nearby, Easter is a perfect time to visit. Seeing baby animals like chicks and bunnies can be a delightful experience for your baby.

Safety: Ensure the petting zoo is clean and the animals are accustomed to being around babies.

10. Bubble Play in the Garden

Babies often love watching and chasing bubbles. Playing with non-toxic bubbles in your garden can be a simple yet fun activity.

Safety: Use baby-safe, non-toxic bubble solution.

11. Attend a Baby-Friendly Easter Service

If you attend church, many have Easter services that are baby-friendly. This can be a wonderful way to introduce your baby to your Easter traditions.

Tip: Sit near the exit for an easy escape in case your baby becomes fussy.

12. Create an Easter Garden Display

Set up a small, baby-friendly garden display with artificial flowers, plush grass, and soft toy bunnies. This creates a safe exploration area for your baby.

Safety: Ensure all materials are non-toxic and safe for babies.

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13. Water Play with Easter Ducks

For a fun indoor activity, fill a shallow basin with water and add floating rubber ducks. Supervise your baby as they splash and play.

Tip: Keep the water level low and never leave your baby unattended.

14. Easter-themed Tummy Time

Enhance tummy time with an Easter-themed playmat. Include soft toys and mirrors for your baby to explore.

Tip: Use brightly colored items to stimulate your baby’s vision.

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15. Easter Balloon Play

Babies are often fascinated by balloons. Use helium-filled balloons tied to your baby’s stroller or play area for them to watch and touch.

Safety: Always supervise to avoid any risk of suffocation or choking hazards.

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Creating a memorable Easter for your baby is all about simple pleasures and safe, engaging activities. Whether it’s indoor sensory play, a relaxed outdoor picnic, or a festive family photo shoot, these Easter activities are sure to bring joy and laughter to your baby’s first Easter celebration.

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