19 Rustic Boho Baby Shower Ideas To Copy

We are a huge fan of boho interior design – it’s relaxed, floaty, yet ultra stylish. So, why wouldn’t you want to recreate that for a baby shower?

Boho baby showers are one of the most popular themes. With the right color scheme and decorative accessories, it’s actually pretty easy to replicate.

If you’re in the planning stages for a boho baby shower, take inspiration from these below beautiful ideas.

19 Rustic Boho Baby Shower Ideas To Copy

1.Say It With Neon

How beautiful does this setup look?! The neutral color scheme is on point, but the photo backdrop beautifully stands out with the ‘Oh Baby’ neon light in situ.

Neon lights can carry a little bit of a cost with them, so it’s best to look at rentals for pieces of equipment like this on the big day.

Instagram image credit: @marleyandnusha

2. Create An Earthy Color Scheme

Boho design typically features a heavily neutral color scheme, but you can introduce some color to your scheme by opting for an earthy color scheme instead. You might even want to theme everyone’s outfits in this way too.

Focus on featuring greens, browns, creams and whites throughout the decorative accessories and balloons. It brings such a regal look to a boho scheme.

Instagram image credit: @itsyourpartyatl_

3. Make Golds The Dominant Color

Why not stick with one color instead for the theme? It’s a little bit easier to stick with one color, but looks just as effective. Gold brings a sense of luxe, but is highly relevant in boho design.

Create a stunning theme by incorporating different tonal shades of gold throughout in your balloons and beyond.

Instagram image credit: @thevintagepartynz

4. Add A Cute Backdrop For Photos

What is a baby shower without plenty of opportunities for photos! A good backdrop setup is one of the things if any you should craft yourself, or invest in.

This adorable backdrop is set off with the balloon arch and gorgeous message, ‘we can bearly wait’ – have a go at crafting one with heavy duty piece of cardboard or an off cut of wood. Paint a message on or purchase vinyl decals that you can apply yourself. It’s effective and will look amazing in all of your photos.

Instagram image credit: @moonandblooms

5. Go For A Rustic, White Color Scheme

Instead of the typical boho colors, lean into white instead. There’s something so crisp and pure about using this color for a baby shower, and well, it looks amazing!

Choose to introduce another color like brown for specific design details, it will add definition and pop in any photographs.

Instagram image credit: @galedollc

6. Pull Up A Cream Sofa To Get The Shots!

If you want to get the shots, at least make it comfy for everyone! With a stunning photo backdrop in situ, pull up a cosy and color appropriate sofa or chair that people can nestle into, have chats and snap some photos.

We adore the earthy browns and golds used in this color scheme.

Instagram image credit: @taylors_dream

7. Add A Jungle Theme Element To It

A really lovely way to take your boho baby shower scheme is by adding a jungle or elephant scheme to it. A perfect idea for an expectant baby boy or girl.

The elephant decorative items add such a cute and gorgeous layer to it.

Instagram image credit: @rnb.events

8. Setup Boho Outdoor Seating

If you have the weather for it, hosting a baby shower in a friend or family members gardens will keep costs down but feel even more intimate.

You could create your own setup like this on a budget with old pallets. Just make sure they are sanded, screws removed and some soft plump cushions are added first! It’s a great way to be able to offer lots of seating options without needing a boat load of chairs.

Instagram image credit: @itsasweetlifeldn

9. Create A Beautiful Table Setting

But if weather isn’t on your side, bring it inside instead! Create a stunning table setting if you’re throwing an afternoon tea or a yummy brunch.

Layer with florals, rattan accessories and add height with candles. Paper plates are the best choice here as they can just be chucked away once the baby shower has finished.

Instagram image credit: @bubble.and.balloon

10. Lean Into Blue For A Baby Boy Shower

Just because you’ve gone for a boho theme, it doesn’t have to solely be a neutral color scheme. If you’re expecting a baby boy, add a beautiful balloon arch of blue.

The color will pop against the neutrals in photo opportunities. Switch to pink if you’re having a baby girl.

Instagram image credit: @braxtonembellished

11. Foliage Is A Must!

Beautiful greens and foliage is synonymous with boho design, and it brings a much needed splash of color to a neutral color scheme.

We love this simple garland addition to the food table, include bunches in vases and you could even incorporate it into dressing some of the food!

Instagram image credit: @the_aesthetic_styling_co

12. Combine Neutrals & Earthy Colors In Your Scheme

We love this baby shower setting shown in the image below. The combination of both neutrals and earthy shades adds depth and character to the scheme. Neutrals can sometimes feel a bit flat on their own.

Now, this is one seriously good balloon arch! You can totally have a go at making these yourself too with the right balloons and structure setup.

Instagram image credit: @fig_and_form

13. Add A Fake Grass Backdrop Wall

Bring that earthy element to your baby shower with a fake grass backdrop wall. The baby name on the top beautifully stands out in gold and will look amazing on photos.

Either hire a rental or have your own go at crafting one of these for a baby shower.

Instagram image credit: @babyshowermiami

14. All The White Vibes

Love how all white feels at a baby shower? Take inspiration from the below!

This is another gorgeous example of how an all white boho theme looks. I love the combination of the different tonal white balloons and the clear ones in situ. There’s something so pure about it!

Instagram image credit: @entertainment_12_

15. Introduce Boho Elements & Bright Colors

Boho design really has taken a neutral corner in previous years, but bright colors and rainbow decorative elements is what boho design was always renown for.

It looks amazing in a baby shower setting like this. Pick a few key colors and run with it.

Instagram image credit: @pattyscrafts

16. Theme The Cakes Too!

Of course, the cakes and sweet treats should be included in the boho design too. I mean, how amazing do these babies look?

Topped with the mini pampas pieces is just attention to detail done right.

Instagram image credit: @sweetsomethingsbyshawana

17. Rustic, Boho Prop Ideas

If balloon arches aren’t your thing, look at acquiring some rustic vintage boho props for the day instead. These wicker and bamboo items bring a gorgeous natural feel with them and they look amazing for photo opportunities.

Instagram image credit: @nailahsrentals

18. A Beautiful Balloon Arch

There’s no denying that balloon arches are one of the most popular elements in a baby shower. Something so simple creates a stunning photo backdrop.

How gorgeous is this neutral themed display? We love the bump outline too, something a little bit different to adding the babies name, or the standard ‘baby shower’.

Instagram image credit: @taysballoons

19. Combine Lilac & Terracotta For A Warm Boho Feel

Finally, if you’re looking for two colors to feature, take note from the below. Who knew lilac and terracotta could look so amazing. It’s warm, hopeful, positive and looks insane in photography as the colors complement each other so well.

Don’t forget some pampas grass additions too, they are the ultimate boho baby shower decorative accessory.

Which of these ideas if your favorite? There’s something about boho baby shower ideas that are just so likeable, gorgeous and fun!

Instagram image credit: @auraevents.ae
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