23 Stunning Nursery Closet Ideas + Storage Hacks

When your little one is small it can be difficult to work out what type of closet they need as their clothing is tiny, can easily be folded, but they you also need a ton of stuff close to hand like diapers and muslins!

If you’re not sure what style of closet to add to your babies nursery, take inspiration from these below stunning nursery closet ideas, along with some storage hacks that will make daily life even easier.

23 Stunning Nursery Closet Ideas + Storage Hacks

1.Zone Storage

If you’re lucky enough to have an empty cupboard space like this, the best way to make use of the space is to zone it.

IKEA Pax units are pretty good for creating your own configuration for a closet. Include a space for hanging clothes, underneath space for storage and even some box compartments that you might want to use for additional storage, or for displaying special items.

Instagram image credit: @brookelorrainesmith

2. Box Compartment Organizer

When baby is little, they don’t actually need a lot of hanging space, as folding items can be easier for storage and accessing stuff. This might leave you some space underneath a clothes rack where you can use it for storage.

Box compartments as shown below are perfect for additional organization. Keep the lower rung boxed in so it can be used for clothes storage, then keep the rest open for a design element in the nursery.

Instagram image credit: @__wendybird

3. Line It With Stripes

Whether you have an open closet space or it’s part of a cupboard, why not think about lining the back of it?

You could add any type of wallpaper or paint here, but classic stripes add verticality and a beautiful backdrop for your little one’s clothes.

Instagram image credit: @jennasuedesign

4. Take It Floor To Ceiling

One of the best ways to make use of space in a smaller nursery is to take your storage from floor to ceiling. It allows you to compartmentalise and fit in so many different areas.

A clothes hanging section, clothes storage, toy storage and a place for those special mementos too. You won’t regret it as your baby gets older, as you’ll have plenty of ways to store items in a pretty way.

Instagram image credit: @missesclementi

5. Label Boxed Storage For Easy Access

When you’re a busy parent you need things as easy as possible, and this is one of our favorite storage hacks. Grab either rattan boxes and label them, or use perspex boxes to store baby clothing.

Being able to see through the boxes straight away takes away time, and decision fatigue. Take a look at this cool folding hack so you can fit even more items into your boxes.

Instagram image credit: @thesimplewhitehome

6. Make The Most of Cupboard Space

Where space is a premium you need to be a little bit more savvy about where you store and position things.

We love the use of this cupboard space which fits in a changing table, chest of drawers and plenty of clothes hanging space and storage opportunities too.

Instagram image credit: @kmdesigncompany

7. Create A Built In

Creating a bespoke built in closet will allow you to configure it however you want. If you want a more affordable way to do this, check out IKEA pax wardrobes.

This features the perfect amount of hanging space, storage compartments and even a place to store dirty washing in such a neat and organized way, we love it!

Instagram image credit: @ashleysmithhome

8. Add Double Sections For Hanging Clothes

Little one’s clothes are small, so hanging space can be doubled and featured vertically like this so it gives you even more space to display their best pieces.

We like the inner column of boxes which adds for thoughtful and additional storage opportunities.

Instagram image credit: @livingawilderlife

9. Add Shiplap Detailing To The Back

If wallpaper isn’t to your taste, add shiplap panelling to the back of your closet. It adds gorgeous definition and is just the perfect way to finish off a space.

Instagram image credit: @mysimplysimplenursery

10. Hang A Wooden Shelving Rail

When baby is little, storing clothes in a chest of drawers is just as easy. But if you want to display a few of their best outfits, or perhaps get ready for the next day ahead, add a little wooden shelving unit on show like this.

It will make mornings that little bit easier and adds a gorgeous element to a babies nursery.

Instagram image credit: @billieandbyron

11. Glass Drawers Make It Easy To See What You’re Looking For

If you can add glass or perspex drawers to the closet, it will make life so much easier when you’re trying to find specific pieces.

Being able to see inside the drawers before you open them is an absolute game changer when it comes to closet organization in a nursery.

Instagram image credit: @la_maison_beige

12. Use A Corner To Build In Closet Storage

There may not always be obvious space to add a closet in a nursery. A great way to utilise the space you do have is building into a corner. A corner is a tricky to please area that can’t be completely filled with an off-the shelf closet.

Building your own closet into it will allow you to utilise the entire run of the space.

Instagram image credit: @harrisonshappyhome

13. Beautiful Chest of Drawers

When baby is little, a traditional closet might not actually make sense. A chest of drawers may be all you need, and little one’s outfits are so small that they can easily be folded up.

If you do want extra space, just add a small shelf rail as pictured earlier on, or a stand alone clothes rack.

Instagram image credit: @fiveatnumberthree

14. Plenty of Drawer Space

How beautiful is this chest of drawers? It’s a win win when it also doubles up as a changing station!

We love the color, scallop detail and amount of drawers on this beauty for ample storage solutions.

Instagram image credit: @sincerelymariedesigns

15. Purpose Built Closet

Perhaps you just want to buy an off-the shelf closet instead of building one in to the space you already have.

You can still configure the inside however you like, and one of this size is likely to grow with your little one as their nursery eventually becomes a child’s bedroom.

Instagram image credit: @homeonthegroove

16. Add An Earthy Color Scheme With A Wooden Chest of Drawers

We are currently swooning over earthy color schemes for a nursery as they are so restorative. Wooden furniture is the perfect addition to a scheme like this and we adore this wooden chest of drawers.

Again, purchase a chest of drawers with enough countertop space so it can be used for a changing table too.

Instagram image credit: @saffronavenue

17. Wooden Clothes Rail

A simple way to add storage is to add a wooden clothes rail to a nursery. They are a great way to add a design element to the overall nursery scheme, and perfect for planning outfits for the week ahead.

Instagram image credit: @eliwithlove_us

18. Combine Closed & Open Closets

If you have the space, why not combine both a standard closet and an open clothing rail for more opportunities?

An open clothes rail really is perfect for planning outfits for the week ahead, eliminating decision fatigue and cutting down some time in the morning.

Instagram image credit: @life_of_rozalie

19. Add A Design Accent With A Bamboo Clothes Rail

How about this gorgeous clothes rail? Bamboo adds a gorgeous natural feel to a nursery, with beautiful curves to soften the space.

The added shelf on the bottom is perfect for additional storage opportunities.

Instagram image credit: @cuddlecouk

20. Make A Feature In A Bold Color

If you opt for a closet like this, why not paint it in a bold color to really make a feature out of it?

This deep olive green is the perfect contrasting color against the wallpaper. It’s fun, on-trend and can grow with little one too.

Instagram image credit: @octobre_et_mai

21. Use Rattan Boxes For Storage

Rattan storage boxes will forever be a good idea, especially for nursery storage. You can fit oodles in these, from shoes, muslins to clothing.

They’re easy to access, and if you don’t have time to clean a nursery, they’re great for chucking things in and sorting afterwards.

Instagram image credit: @timommii

22. Craft Your Own Clothes Rail

We love this handmade clothes rail in this closet below. It’s the most sweetest thing, and from experience, you really don’t have or need to hang up many items when baby is really little.

Combine with underneath storages and baskets for easy access to the rest of their clothing.

Instagram image credit: @ourlittlevictorianhouse

23. Combine A Clothes Rail With Underneath Storage

If space is a premium, you might only have room for a clothes rail like this. If so, focus on verticality and choose one that has either underneath or storage opportunities on top.

Which of these nursery closet ideas is your favorite? Please share any of your top organization hacks in the comments below too, we would love to hear!

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