Hilariously Fun Baby Shower Games With Diapers

Baby showers can be as interactive and fun as you like, and if you want one that’s packed to the brim of games that’s going to make you all laugh out loud, you’re going to want to chuck in a diaper game or two.

It adds a bit of lighthearted fun to this new chapter for the mom-to-be and everyone can get involved. It’s also a great ice breaker if you have people from multiple friendship groups joining you.

We’ve pulled together 11 of the most hilarious and fun baby shower games with diapers to get your baby shower started with a hoot!

Hilariously Fun Baby Shower Games With Diapers

1. Diaper Pong

Move over beer pong, it’s all about diaper pong. This is one of the most popular diaper games for a baby shower and you can change the rules of the games best to how you want to celebrate it.

Have a prize for who gets the most pongs into the diapers out of ten shots, or if you miss your shot you have to change a dirty diaper (food dirty!).

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2. Late Night Nappies

This is one of our absolute favorites out of the mix as it’s something that will last a lot longer than the day of the baby shower.

Pass everyone a diaper when they arrive and get them to write an inspirational quote or message on the diaper. When it comes to those late night diaper changes when baby arrives, the mom-to-be will truly appreciate those words of wisdom when they need it most.

You could make the sign yourself on a site like Canva, or take inspiration from the idea below.

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3. Dirty Diapers

There is no baby shower like one with a dirty diaper game, it’s a true classic, and utterly gross, but we love it!

You can either peg the diapers up, or have them folded on the side for everyone to take one. Fill each nappy with a different type of food, get them to sniff, feel and make a guess at what it is.

We all know it’s not poop, but it still feels like a bush tucker trial! Use baby foods, melted chocolate, pureed spinach, beans and sauces – the more lifelike the better!

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4. Funny Diaper Quotes

We love the inspirational quotes for those late night diaper runs, but why not get them to do a second one with a funny quote or message too?

This guarantees a smile during those nights of changes and again, it’s something that will be appreciated when it’s needed most.

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5. Guess The Price

Babies can be expensive! Lay out a selection of essential baby items such as diapers, baby powder, socks and wipes and get them to guess how much each item costs.

Whoever guesses the most correct to the actual price of the items gets to win a prize.

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6. Diaper Changing Derby

Changing diapers against the clock! You’ll need baby dolls and a stack of diapers for your guests. Get everyone lined up against the clock and see who can change and replace the diaper in the quickest time.

This one gets competitive and is great for a game during the middle of the baby shower.

7. Diaper Raffle

When it comes to baby shower gifts, diapers really are the gift that keeps on giving, and one you really can never have too many of!

Get your guests who want to take part to bring a pack of diapers for the mom-to-be. Exchange them with a token for a diaper raffle.

At the end of the baby shower, draw one from the box to win a prize – it could be a food hamper, spa products or even an afternoon tea out for the two of you. It could be as affordable as you want it to be.

8. Cute Poop Diaper Game

We’re done with the dirty diaper games, so how about a cute poop diaper game instead?

This kit below comes with everything you need! Get your guests to select a diaper each and when you ask them to open it up, see who’s pooped and who has the cute poop to win a prize.

9. Toilet Roll Diapers

Ditch the baby diapers and get some rolls of toilet roll at the ready. Team up into pairs, set the timer and see who can dress their partner in a giant human nappy the fastest.

If you want to add an additional element of difficulty into this, get the one wrapping to wear a blindfold and be led by their partner!

10. Blindfold Diaper Changing

See who really can change diapers without looking with a blindfold diaper changing game.

Get those blindfolds on and see who can change the nappy the fastest on the doll without seeing a thing, this is a lot of fun! Buy the pre-made kit below or grab the items you need separately.

11. Pin The Poop On The Diaper

Finally, forget pin the tail on the donkey, it’s pin the poop on the diaper, we’re in!

Blindfold guests and get them to take the poop up to the nappy, the one with the closest pinned poop wins a prize.

These diapers games are so much fun, no matter your age. They make great ice breakers and are guaranteed a laugh with one another.

Do you know of any other hilariously fun diaper games? Please let us know in the comments below!

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