Why Do You Use Muslins For Babies?

If you’re currently waiting for baby to arrive, congratulations! You might be ready to pack your hospital bag, or are still preparing for everything you’re going to need to prepare you for their impending arrival.

Having a checklist for a hospital bag is a great idea. It’s probably one of the only occasions where there’s no such thing as being over prepared. Except, having a baby to look after, of course! There’s no denying that what comes with a baby is a really long list of things you’re going to need.

Whether you’ve been reading baby books, seeking advice online or from friends and families, it’s difficult to know what items you might actually need and what you can bear to go without. Or, perhaps you’re shopping for a parent to be and not sure where to start? Well, a muslin is one of those items that every parent will recommend to you. It’s personally one you can’t afford to not have because of its incredible versatility. Not convinced, here’s why you need to have muslins for your baby.

Why Do You Use Muslins For Babies?

A muslin comes in all sorts of different shapes and styles. A muslin square right up to a large muslin (ours are a generous 120 x 120cm) which can also double up as blankets. So, what is the primary reason for using a muslin for babies?

A muslin comes into it’s own as a swabber, mopper upper and burper as being its most common uses. Made from organic gazue material, our muslins are super absorbent and breathable. This makes them ideal for wiping milk away from babies mouth, mopping up sick, and any other excrements! They’re fast drying and can be folded and stored in a bag easily. They can come with you on the go, whatever size bag you have with you and called upon in moments of need.

It is also commonly used during winding a baby. You would usually drape the muslin over your shoulder, protecting your clothing from sick and milk residue, whilst keeping baby comfortable. A newborn baby feeds very often so a muslin will become your number 1 most used item. We honestly think they are one of those holy grail parenting items.

Muslins Have So Many Different Purposes

But, Muslins can be used for SO many different purposes. Our large organic muslins are ideal for pram covers during those chillier days, a comfort blanket for baby and as a breast feeding cover. The muslins are made from 6 layers of organic cotton gauze fabric which creates breathability, absorbency and superior softness. They really are some of the softest muslins on the market.

why do you use muslins for babies

The larger muslins also lend themselves to cot sheets, muslin covers and even as a makeshift cover/changing mat for the floor to keep baby comfortable, and the surfaces protected.

These are just a few of the main things that a muslin can be called upon with your baby in tow. We adore their versatility and how they can try their hand at pretty much everything! Our muslins are incredibly long lasting and durable thanks to their organic cotton composition. This means that you can depend on them wash after wash whilst they retain their softness. As baby grows, the purpose of the muslin will adapt and change with you as it’s required. We recommend having at least 2 muslins for a newborn baby so one can always be in action whilst the other one is being cared for in the wash for its faithful service!

Take a look at our full range of organic baby muslins. Bjarni muslins are all generously sized and crafted to perfection to help your baby have a soft, and gentle welcome into the world.

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