9 Reasons We Love Large Muslin Cloths

large muslins

We’ve said it before, but large muslins are one of the top parenting essentials for baby out there. Why? They’re highly versatile, withstand plenty of washes and they can pretty much be used for everything.

There are varying sizes of muslin cloths on the market starting from muslin squares all the way up to large muslin cloths. We love them all, but a generously sized muslin cloth makes it much more versatile, and geared up for most eventualities. Here’s 5 reasons why we just love large muslin cloths.

What Are Large Muslins For?

Large muslins are highly versatile due to their generous sizing. They can be used for a multitude of purposes including a blanket, burping cloth, feeding cover, changing mat, towel and mopping up spills. It can even be called on for an emergency nappy if needed!

5 Reasons We Love Large Muslin Cloths

1.Feeding Cover

Large muslin cloths do what other muslins can’t! Their generous sizing means they are perfect for using as a breastfeeding cover when out and about. They’re lightweight which makes them easy to pack away and store in a changing bag, and it can be used for burping and wiping up baby spills too! It’s a big yes from us!

2. Lightweight & Breathable

Our 100% organic cotton large muslin cloths are beautifully crafted, with a resulting lightweight complex and breathable body which makes it perfect for transporting, storing at home, and for using with baby.

large muslins

3. Different Colour Ways

You can get personal with your large muslin choices as there are so many different options and patterns available. Keep things neutral with white, or add a pop of colour and sunshine to your daily routine with a yellow muslin. Why not mix and match colours for fun additions to your babies, and your wardrobe!

large muslins

4. Blanket

During seasonal changes in weather, sometimes your little one needs a little bit of warmth and comfort, but not necessarily a winter blanket that could lead to overheating. A lightweight, organic large muslin cloth is perfect for those occasions. Crafted with 6 layers of the soft stuff, it will add lightweight warmth to baby, that is both breathable, and comfortable.

muslin blanket

5. Burping Cloth

Burping baby can be a soft, and comfortable experience for everyone involved. A large muslin cloth means that you can place it over your shoulder, with baby on top and there’s still enough leeway to be able to also use it to wipe up any spills from baby.

How Many Large Muslins Do I Need?

It’s good practice to have at least 4 large muslins to start with, this allows time for the cycle of those large muslins that are in the wash or are being dried at any one time. They’ll be washed over and over again, so you’ll need at least 4, and invest in high quality muslins that withstand lots of washes.

Large muslins are a great gifting idea for parents to be, you really can never have enough large muslins, and they can be used for so many different things!

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