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7 Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas

christmas baby announcement ideas

There’s only one thing that could possibly be better than the Christmas season, and that’s one that involves a pregnancy announcement! If your pregnancy falls at the right time then revealing it during the Christmas period offers so many different ways that you can choose to announce it to your nearest and dearest.

Whether you’re pre-emptively planning or ready to announce your pregnancy this Christmas we’ve put together plenty of amazing Christmas baby announcement ideas that will create memories for years to come!

Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Say It With A Christmas Card

A really subtle yet clever way to announce the baby is with a Christmas card titled to ‘Grandma’, ‘Uncle’ etc. If you’ve watched films of this reveal before you’ll always see that it leaves the recipients baffled for a couple of seconds before it clicks! Other ideas could be cards entitled ‘The More The Merrier’, ‘Best Christmas Present’ or ‘For Unto Us A Child Is Born’. The perfect way to create chaos on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve or even on boxing day.

2. Elf on The Shelf

Well, you might as well already get your practice in with all of the situations elf in the shelf is going to get itself into when your little ones are here! Setup a couple of elves holding your scan photo, mum and dad to be can even be in the background of the shot.

christmas baby announcement ideas
Image source: Pinterest

3. Hang Up The Stockings

Dress your fireplace with your stockings with the addition of a new one… Get it personalised with the date of the new arrival such as ‘May 2022’ – snap it and share on social media to see who twigs first, or add a text overlay such as ‘We’ve all been a little bit naughty this year’ for a bit of added fun.

4. Say It With A Jumper

Whether it’s a snap to share on social media or to turn up on Christmas day in a Christmas jumper, this is a fun and great way to share the exciting news. There are so many slogan ideas you could go for or you could even craft your own and place a baby scan in the middle of the jumper.

5. Christmas Flatlay

We all love a flatlay, especially at Christmas. We spotted this idea on Pinterest and love it! Grab yourself a letterboard, stocking, babygrow, a wreath and some baubles and recreate this cute idea. Snap and share it on social media and you could even make a card out of it to send to your loved ones.

christmas baby announcement ideas
Image source: Pinterest

6. Hang It On The Tree

Say it with a personalised tree decoration. A subtle yet fun way to announce your pregnancy, and you’ll be left with a memory that you can keep and enjoy for years to come.

7. A Christmas Silhouette In Front of The Christmas Tree

We adore this announcement idea! So simplistic and stunning, dim the lights, pop the tree lights on and pose in front of the Christmas tree. Doing this will help to draw even more attention to the bump.

christmas baby announcement ideas
Image source: Instagram

There are so many fun and exciting ways to announce your pregnancy during Christmas, Pinterest is a great space to find plenty of more inspiration. The most important part, enjoy it, have fun and relish every moment of it!