1 Month Old Baby Activities

It’s crazy how quickly a newborn baby changes from the instant they are born, and then day in, day out. Fast forward to a month of them being here and your baby might have just started to smile. They’re becoming much more aware of their surroundings and developing their sight, hearing and movement by the day.

This gorgeous age is the perfect time to start incorporating some 1 month old baby activities that will help to stimulate their senses and aid their development.

Create & Use A Sensory Box

Creating a sensory box for your baby and using it a couple of times a week is a great way to stimulate their senses. Babies are stimulated by black and white objects and prints from a young age. Strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration. You might want to include some prints, a book to read to them, or even a gorgeous comfort swaddle such as our Bear Print Black & White Swaddle that can double up as a sensory object in your box.

sensory muslin black and white

Now you’ve covered sight, let’s move on to touch. Textured objects are great for allowing baby to develop their fine motor skills. This could be tin foil, velvet, a bowl of water to dip their fingers into or a soft blanket. When they get older they’ll be able to use their own curiosity and skills to dig into a sensory box. But for now you can pick up the items and let your baby handle them.

Next, we need to cover sound! Include a rattle, play a gentle musical instrument or even play them some lullabies or baby songs on your phone.

A sensory box will not only aid development but it can help to calm your little one down too. Sensory boxes are used by older children and adults who struggle to manage emotions and behaviour as it has an incredibly calming effect when you stop and just focus on the core senses.

Gently Move Babies Legs

Gently moving your babies legs like a bicycle is an incredibly simple and easy way to encourage movement, learning and play. The same can be said for gently clapping babies hands together (crossed, out wide, or overhead).

Talk To Your Baby & Let Them Respond

Okay, so you might only get a little gargle out of them for now, but talking to your baby is key to developing your babies fine skills. Your voice will lead them throughout their childhood, and is a calming, safe environment for them. Talking to your baby will keep them calm, reassure them and build up their development.

Read To Your Baby

Even whilst your baby is not quite at that stage for learning to read and understanding everything around them, encouraging reading to your baby from a young age is a great thing to do. It will get them into a routine from an incredibly young age, will soothe them and provides fantastic one on one quality time with your baby.

Remember, all babies do develop at different ages, and that is completely normal. These activities for one month old babies will help to aid your little ones development, play and bond with you.

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