Do Newborns Need To Wear Socks? We Unpack The Myths

do newborns need to wear socks?

There’s no denying that those tiny baby feet and toes are the cutest things, and their socks are no different!

With a newborn baby, whether it’s your first step into parenthood or you’re a well seasoned pro, it can be a constant challenge to know how to dress a fresh newborn. How do we know if they’re too warm? Are they too cold? Are they comfortable? With no little voice to tell you it can often be down to guess work.

One of the most common questions when it comes to a newborn is whether they should always wear a hat, mitts and socks. Why? It’s because when we think of extremities, it’s the one area that can lose heat quickly. We only want the best for our newborn baby. So, we thought we’d put together an article on the question that so many of us ask!

Do Newborns Need To Wear Socks?

There’s mixed feelings about whether newborns should wear socks. Many think that barefoot is best as it allows babies to develop their feet, wiggle those toes and get used to the movement. Whilst others feel it’s critical to keep them wrapped up and warm. You guessed it, there is no right or wrong answer. However, there are some factors that will help you decide whether to dress those tiny toes or not.


Assessing the current temperature is critical to whether or not newborns need to wear socks. Babies, in particular newborns can lose heat quickly and aren’t able to control their temperature easily.

A babies hands and feet are usually cool to touch, but if they’re blue or look blotchy then it’s best to dress those little toes. If you’re leaving the house and it’s a cool, wet or damp day then it’s best to keep those feet wrapped up and warm. A lot of newborn rompers and sleepsuits already cover the toes anyway, so it’s no need to apply socks in those situations.

If you’ve got a summer baby, then unless they display signs of very cold extremities, there’s no need to cover their feet up. This will help to regulate their temperature and keep them cool during the warmer months.

Make Sure Socks Aren’t Too Tight

The general rule of thumb when putting socks onto your newborn is that they aren’t too tight. Socks are not all made as equals. It’s best to check the sizing before keeping your babies feet contained in them all day.

Pay careful attention to the elastic at the top of the sock as this will give you an indication of how tight they are. Socks that are too tight can cause irritation and cause red rings which can lead to hyper pigmentation on newborn skin.

When dressing them in socks, if you can fit a finger in between babies skin and the sock then this is a perfect, flexible fit for baby.

do newborns need to wear socks

Keeping Baby Comfortable

Ultimately, socks can help to regulate a babies temperature and keep them comfortable. It will also protect them from potential irritation that their feet might come into contact with.

When choosing socks for baby look for those that are made from a breathable, soft fabric and aren’t too thick. Our 100% organic cotton baby socks are un-dyed, offering breathability, comfort and softness to babies feet.

As babies start to move, the heels of the socks are designed to withstand hard resistance and use.

do newborns need to wear socks?

When preparing for your newborn, we recommend getting 4-6 pairs of socks ready to keep those babies extremities warm and comfortable when needed. Have any other questions about socks for newborns? Do drop us an email and we’ll come straight back.

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