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9 Simple Teething Hacks To Soothe Your Babies Gums

teething hacks to soothe babies gums

There’s nothing worse than those telltale signs that your babies teething is about to kick in…Whether it’s those little red cheeks, tears or lots of drool, teething can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable for your little one. The good news is that there is lots of incredibly simple, often free and effective teething hacks that will help to soothe those painful gums in no time.

1.Muslin Teething Knots

Babies will pretty much teeth on anything that provides relief and a muslin is a great option as every parent will have a handful of these at home. Muslin teething knots are super easy, simply tie a knot in the end of your muslin, then wet the knotted end with fresh water and leave the rest of it dry. Place it into a ziplock bag or clean Tupperware box and place in the freezer for 15-30 minutes, this is what the AAP recommends, see healthychildren.org. Remove from freezer and check temperature before giving it to your baby to teethe on. The cold end will provide instant relief to red, swollen gums to help baby feel more comfortable.

2. Have A Variety of Teething Products

There are plenty of teething products on the market from natural rubber, teething mitts to wooden teethers. Having a selection ready for baby is a good idea as they might gel with one type more than others. Avoid liquid filled and painted teethers, baby will constantly have this item in their mouth so always opt for teethers that use natural, non toxic materials.

3. Try Teething Biscuits & Crackers

Not only does food provide an instant distraction for baby, teething biscuits are a great option for babies on solid food. You could even bake your own no sugar, healthy teething biscuits if you think it’s something that helps your baby.

4. Try Cold & Frozen Foods

Like the knotted muslin, cold and frozen foods will provide that much welcomed instant relief from sore and red gums. Try popsicles especially designed for little ones, frozen berries, smoothies and yoghurts.

5. Massage Babies Gums

Massaging your babies gums can provide instant relief and it’s one of the reasons you so often see them reaching their own fingers and hands into their mouth during teething! Simply use a clean finger or knuckle to gently rub around their gums and sore spots.

6. Give Them All The Attention

Sometimes a little bit extra TLC is needed for those teething days. Your baby may seem very unsettled and upset during this time so do whatever you need to to give your little one some relief. Whether that’s extra cuddles or getting to nap next to you.

7. Bubble Bath

A bubble bath continues to provide relief to ailments whatever your age! A calm and relaxing bath before bed when they’re teething will help to settle them and relax.

8. Grab A Spoon

Get a spoon and place it in the freezer for just a few minutes, test it when you take it back out for temperature. Then apply the spoon directly to your babies gums for literal, instant relief! Keeping a few spoons in the fridge for those emergencies isn’t such a bad idea either!

9. Teething Gels

If it all gets too much don’t forget that you can use teething gels specifically formulated for babies. Do check with a chemist first before using them. Gels can be a great option if the pain is unmanageable for your little one.

Hopefully these quick, easy and effective teething hacks will make those days a little bit more manageable for the whole family!