How To Store & Preserve Baby Clothes

how to store and preserve baby clothes

One of the guarantees you get when you have a baby is the rate of speed that they grow out of their baby clothing. Newborn clothing is too small within a matter of weeks and then it’s a constant cycle of sizing up. As they are often worn for such a short period of time, they’re usually still in fantastic condition which makes them perfect for storing away for additional babies in your family.

They’ll always be certain baby clothing that doesn’t stand the test of time that develops holes or hangs onto those notorious baby stains that just won’t come out. But you’ll find that a lot of stuff is still in great condition to be used again. Organic cotton baby clothing in particular is designed to stand the test of time. Organic cotton is far more durable that traditional cotton, boasting a much longer lifespan from wash to wash. This is definitely worth bearing in mind when kitting your little one out!

We explore how best to preserve and store your baby clothes to ensure they’re as good as new next time they’re pulled out of storage!

How To Store & Preserve Baby Clothes

Wash & Iron Everything!

Prepping the clothes before they go into storage will ensure they’re fresh when you next need them. Make sure everything is washed and ironed, this will give you an opportunity to assess the wear and tear of the item.

You might then choose to donate some of the lower quality items or dispose of anything if necessary. Once you’ve decided what to do with your items, it’s time to get them stored away!

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Sort By Size

Sorting all of the baby clothing items by size is incredibly smart as it will save you time when you need to grab age appropriate bundles without disturbing literally everything! Group items by size into piles ready for putting into storage.

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Get Folding

With your clothing now grouped by size, get everything neatly folded up. It’s better to fold than roll, especially when using vacuum sealed bags. You’re going to fit so much more in than if you fold.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Storing baby clothes in vacuum sealed bags is one of the best ways to store clothing for a number of different reasons, once sealed, they take up less than half of the space that they would. The bags provide a complete seal from moisture and dirt to retain their freshness and condition.

It’s all about saving space with little ones and this is a no brainer! Store the different groups of sized clothing in different bags or keep a note of what sizes are in each bag.

vacuum storage bags for baby clothes

Label Them

Grab a label and pen and write the clothing size on the labels and place over the appropriate bags. This is all about making your life as easy as possible in the future, whilst saving time and space!

Store Them

The beauty of vacuum sealed bags is they take up so much less space. They can be slotted into places with room left over such as under a bed or stored into boxes and put in the loft, basement or an empty wardrobe. Just keep them in an easy to access area that is dry and clean.

Storing baby clothing correctly will help you get so much more wear out of them, whether it’s for your future babies or babies in your family or friends circle. Babies do grow out of clothing so quickly that it’s amazing to be able to see them through for more babies as they arrive! This is an easy and uncluttered way to hang onto those darling baby clothes!

There are of course many other ways you can store baby clothes, but this is the most organised method that is space saving and will retain their quality for so much longer.

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