19 Cute Halloween Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

Get ready for the arrival of your little boo with some spooky but cute Halloween themed baby shower ideas that you and your guests will love!

Whether you’re a fan of the nightmare before Christmas or just love your traditional fall and Halloween colors, we have you covered!

Prepare to be inspired for your shower with this list of 19 gorgeous ideas.

19 Cute Halloween Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

1.A Little Boo Is Almost Due

We just adore the sentiment of our little boo is almost due, and a super cute take on a Halloween baby shower.

Create a photo backdrop with bats and a balloon arch, add a skeleton in for a little bit of spooky!

Instagram image credit: @milapartyco

2. Orange & Black Themed

I mean, is it really Halloween themed without orange and black? Intertwine orange and black balloons for a balloon arch of display as shown below.

Add in cute balloons, bat decorations and a pumpkin or two to complete the setup.

Instagram image credit: @one1entertainment

3. Bewitched Champagne Pops

It’s all about the spooky treats and table favors! How cute are these witches potions for your guests to pop when the baby is born?

Add your own tags to the bottles and finish with a cute little witches hat.

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Instagram image credit: @popitwhenshepops

4. Add Touches of Pink or Blue

Just because it’s Halloween themed it doesn’t mean you can’t lean into the gender specific colors too.

Intersperse pink or blue balloons into a balloon arch like this, it adds a gorgeous pop of color and a fun dimension to the photo backdrop.

Instagram image credit: @pinkperidotevents

5. Hocus Pocus Themed

Hocus Pocus is an iconic Halloween theme, and you can totally run it into your baby shower too.

Use purples, blacks, white, yellows and oranges in your color scheme to complete the look.

Instagram image credit: @justdessertsbyjess

6. Little Monsters

Celebrate the arrival of your little monster with a monstrously fun baby shower!

Use colorful decorations, and adorable monster-themed treats for the day. You could tie in some other Halloween themes here such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Instagram image credit: @anasweetcreations31

7. Spooky Little Monsters

Throw your own monster mash for baby to be! We adore the googly eye balloons, table setup and Little Monsters backdrop which would be perfect for photo opportunities.

A table setup can still look stunning without it costing the earth. Just add a black tablecloth and use paper plates and bowls for displaying the treats.

Instagram image credit: @la_brujab

8. Shawty A Little Batty

Looking for a unique Halloween baby shower theme? Embrace the spooky season with a “Little Batty” baby shower!

This theme features chic, eerie decor with a stylish bat-adorned cake as the centerpiece. Complement the look with autumnal floral arrangements and pampas grass for a touch of rustic elegance. It’s the perfect blend of spooky and sophisticated, ideal for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a little one in the most enchanting way.

Instagram image credit: @thebash

9. Baby Is Brewing

This setup features a bewitching display with metallic balloon letters, spooky spiderweb bunting, and cauldron-themed decor.

Add a touch of magic with potions and elixirs in stylish glasses and dark, mystical treats. This theme perfectly captures the Halloween spirit while celebrating the exciting arrival of a little one.

Instagram image credit: @partieswithacause

10. Little Pumpkin

It really isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin or two! This barn style Little Pumpkin baby shower is one of the most popular themes for Halloween.

Add some hay bales, a stool and setup a backdrop with a balloon arch, it creates the most adorable photo backdrop and looks like something you’d find at a pumpkin patch!

Instagram image credit: @jlunaspartyideas

11. Candy Bar

For a sweet Halloween baby shower idea, set up a “Yum Yum Candy Bar”! This delightful station features an array of festive treats, from candy corn and ghost-themed cupcakes to colorful lollipops and caramel apples.

Decorate the table with pumpkins, spooky signs, and a black-and-white striped backdrop for a fun and eye-catching display.

Instagram image credit: @yumyum_candybars

12. Cute and Spooky

Instagram image credit: @inflateddreams01

13. Trouble Is Brewing

For a whimsical and spooky Halloween baby shower, consider the “Trouble is Brewing” theme! Create a captivating scene with a stylish balloon arch in pastel and black hues, a cozy rattan chair for the mom-to-be, and playful skeleton decor.

Add a touch of eerie elegance with spiderweb details and bat cutouts. This charming setup is perfect for capturing memorable photos during spooky season!

Instagram image credit: @ellies_brand

14. Black & Silver

For an elegant Halloween baby shower, the black and silver “A Baby is Brewing” theme is a stunning choice!

Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a striking balloon arch in black, silver, and gray tones. Incorporate a sleek backdrop with a whimsical cauldron design and add a few enchanting elements like a broomstick and cauldron.

Instagram image credit: @atimetoparty

15. Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Why not have the best of both worlds and combine a Halloween baby shower with a gender reveal for added anticipation?

Use a cauldron and add a smoke bomb to it in the relevant color, not only does it add a spooky feel to it, but it photographs beautifully!

Instagram image credit: @batty.mom

16. Goth Baby Shower

For a unique twist on a Halloween baby shower, consider a “Goth Baby Shower” theme! This setup features a sophisticated palette of deep purples and pinks, with an eye-catching balloon arch and a backdrop adorned with black bats.

Add gothic elements like a golden skeleton with a crown, dark floral arrangements, and a chic “Baby Ghoul” sign. This stylish and spooky theme is perfect for those who love a touch of elegance with their Halloween celebrations.

Instagram image credit: @nettespartydecor

17. Addams Family Baby Shower

For a delightfully eerie Halloween baby shower, consider an Addams Family theme! Inspired by the beloved TV show, this setup features spooky decor with iconic character elements.

Set the scene with mini liquor bottles adorned with Morticia and Gomez tags, coffin-shaped favor boxes, and vintage-style signage that celebrates the creepy and kooky nature of the Addams Family. This theme is perfect for fans of the classic series and adds a touch of nostalgic spookiness to the celebration.

Instagram image credit: @psycho_belle

18. Halloween Themed But Make It Pink or Blue

For a festive fuelled and gender-specific Halloween baby shower, consider a “Ghostly Gender Reveal” theme!

Use pink or blue balloon arrangements to celebrate the baby’s gender amidst a spooky yet playful backdrop. Incorporate cheerful ghost balloons and accents to add a touch of whimsy.

Instagram image credit: @eventsbylillian

19. Twilight Zone

This Twilight zone themed setup features a striking black and white striped backdrop with a balloon arch in black, white, silver, and purple.

Elegant table settings with silver plates and floral arrangements add a touch of sophistication. The combination of eerie and chic elements creates a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere.

Throwing a Halloween baby shower? Let us know in the comments below which theme is your favorite!

Instagram image credit: @greenvillepartydecor
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