110 + Gender Reveal Quotes To Celebrate The Occasion

Whether you’re hosting a large gender reveal party or opting for a more intimate moment with your partner, it’s more than likely that you’re going to want to shout the news loud and proud across social media and with friends and family.

From gorgeous gender reveal quotes to funny instagram captions, we have you covered for those moments you just want to snap and share the news with your loved one.

Scroll down to find the perfect quote for you and screenshot your favorites ready for the big day!

110 + Gender Reveal Quotes To Celebrate The Occasion

Sweet and Sentimental

  1. “Pink or blue, we can’t wait to meet you!”
  2. “The best gifts come in small packages. What will ours be?”
  3. “Boy or girl, you are our world.”
  4. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are.”
  5. “The adventure begins with a boy or a girl.”
  6. “Our family is growing by two feet.”
  7. “Little man or little miss? Either way, we’re blessed.”
  8. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Boy or girl, no one knows!”
  9. “A baby is on the way to fill our hearts with joy.”
  10. “He or she, our love is already guaranteed.”

Funny and Playful

  1. “Blue or pink, what do you think?”
  2. “He or she? Let’s see!”
  3. “Will it be pigtails or puppy dog tails?”
  4. “Waddle it be?”
  5. “Bows or bowties?”
  6. “Superman or Wonder Woman?”
  7. “Team blue or team pink?”
  8. “Cupcake or stud muffin?”
  9. “Sugar, spice, or something nice?”
  10. “Guns or glitter?”

Rhyming and Poetic

  1. “Roses are red, violets are blue, what are we having? A girl or a boy too?”
  2. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, gender reveal is not too far!”
  3. “Rifles and Ruffles, what will it be? Let’s open the box and see!”
  4. “Sugar and spice, or snips and snails? Open to see what prevails.”
  5. “Roses are pink, violets are blue, it’s time to find out if our wish came true.”
  6. “Bows and dresses or trucks and dirt, we can’t wait to see the alert.”
  7. “What will it be? We can’t wait to see!”
  8. “Buttons or bows? Nobody knows!”
  9. “Little cowboy or little cowgirl, what’s your guess?”
  10. “Will it be ribbons or will it be bows? Only one way to know!”

Excited and Anticipatory

  1. “One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish.”
  2. “He or she, what will it be?”
  3. “Our little miracle, what will it be?”
  4. “Can’t wait to see if you’ll be a he or a she!”
  5. “Little toes we can’t wait to kiss, pink or blue is the surprise twist.”
  6. “Here for the sex… reveal!”
  7. “We’re bursting with joy to share if it’s a girl or a boy!”
  8. “Will it be a prince or a princess?”
  9. “The big reveal is finally here!”
  10. “Pink or blue, we’re revealing the news!”

Themed and Creative

  1. “Mischief managed! Boy or girl?”
  2. “Ice cream scoops and lollipops, let’s reveal what’s in the box!”
  3. “Pink or blue, either will do. We can’t wait to share the news with you!”
  4. “We’re cooking up something special!”
  5. “A sweet surprise is coming your way!”
  6. “What’s in the oven? A bun or a cake?”
  7. “Heels or wheels?”
  8. “Trucks or tiaras?”
  9. “Superheroes or ballerinas?”
  10. “Fairy tales or cowboy trails?”

Love and Family

  1. “A new chapter begins: boy or girl?”
  2. “Our hearts are full, but is it pink or blue?”
  3. “Love is growing, and we’re glowing!”
  4. “A little bit of heaven is coming our way.”
  5. “Our bundle of joy, what will it be?”
  6. “Adding more love to our family.”
  7. “Dreams do come true, pink or blue?”
  8. “Our greatest adventure yet!”
  9. “Two hearts are growing in love.”
  10. “Boy or girl, we’re thrilled beyond words.”

Unique and Clever

  1. “Guns or Glitter, we just can’t wait!”
  2. “He or she, which will it be? The secret’s about to be revealed!”
  3. “Dresses or bowties, what’s the surprise?”
  4. “Boots or ballet shoes?”
  5. “Feathers or scales, what’s the tale?”
  6. “Pink or blue, it’s up to you!”
  7. “Cowboys or cowgirls?”
  8. “Mermaids or pirates?”
  9. “Horns or halos?”
  10. “Dragons or unicorns?”

Anticipation and Surprise

  1. “It’s time to pop the confetti, is it a she or a he?”
  2. “Pop the balloon and see!”
  3. “The reveal is near, whether it’s pink or blue, we’ll cheer!”
  4. “Big or small, here’s the reveal for all!”
  5. “What’s in the box? We can’t wait to see!”
  6. “The big moment is finally here!”
  7. “Pop or powder, let’s get louder!”
  8. “Pink or blue, our dreams are coming true!”
  9. “The excitement is real, time to reveal!”
  10. “Let’s unwrap the surprise together!”

Heartfelt and Emotional

  1. “We love you more than words can say.”
  2. “You are our greatest blessing.”
  3. “Our hearts are so full already.”
  4. “Boy or girl, you are already loved.”
  5. “Our family is growing with love.”
  6. “You have a piece of our hearts.”
  7. “From the moment we knew, we loved you.”
  8. “Our love story continues.”
  9. “A little love story in the making.”
  10. “We’re over the moon in love.”

Joyful and Celebratory

  1. “Let’s celebrate this precious moment!”
  2. “Our hearts are singing with joy.”
  3. “Happiness is on the way.”
  4. “Joy is just a reveal away.”
  5. “Life’s greatest joy is on its way.”
  6. “Let’s shower this baby with love.”
  7. “This moment is worth celebrating.”
  8. “Celebrating new life and love.”
  9. “A day to remember forever.”
  10. “Time to pop the champagne!”

Specific to Family

  1. “Sisters or brothers, what will it be?”
  2. “A new cousin to play with!”
  3. “Our little one is on the way.”
  4. “Our family is growing by one heart.”
  5. “Grandma and Grandpa can’t wait!”
  6. “Aunties and uncles are thrilled!”
  7. “Welcome to our little family!”
  8. “Growing our family tree.”
  9. “Our little blessing from above.”
  10. “Family love is what it’s all about.”

Feel free to use these quotes as they are or customize them to fit your personal style and the specifics of your gender reveal celebration!

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