10 Months Old Baby Activities for Precious Moments: 10 Ideas

10 month old baby activities

Welcoming a little one into your life is an unparalleled joy, a symphony of giggles, first steps, and heart-melting smiles. As your baby reaches the delightful age of 10 months, a whole new world of exploration unfolds before them. 

It’s a time of wonder, curiosity, and discovery. With each month, they learn more and have more curiosity for the world around them which opens up the types of activities that are suited to that particular age.

We’ve got you covered with a round up of 10 of the best activities designed for 10 month old babies.

10 Months Old Baby Activities

Before we embark on the adventure of activities, let’s take a moment to celebrate the magic of 10 months. At this age, your baby is likely crawling, perhaps even attempting those wobbly first steps. Their babbling has transformed into a delightful mix of sounds, and their eyes sparkle with curiosity about the world around them.

As a parent, witnessing these milestones is a joy beyond words. The way their tiny fingers explore the texture of a soft blanket or the sheer excitement that lights up their face when they grasp a colorful toy—it’s in these moments that the true wonder of parenthood reveals itself. 

Now, let’s explore activities that not only cater to their developmental needs but also enhance the joy of this remarkable stage.

1. Sensory Play with Textured Fabric

Engage your baby’s senses with a sensory play session using textured fabric. Gather a variety of materials—soft cotton, smooth silk, and crinkly fabrics. You could even include a foil blanket, which will engage all the senses. Alternatively, if you have a sand pit, add different figures and objects for playtime.

Lay them out on the floor and let your little one explore the different textures with their hands and feet. Watch as their eyes widen with curiosity at the sensation beneath their fingers.

This activity not only stimulates their tactile senses but also encourages motor skills development as they reach, grab, and explore. The sheer delight on their face as they discover the world through touch is a testament to the magic of sensory play.

10 month old baby activities

2. Musical Exploration with Homemade Shakers

Create a mini orchestra at home with homemade shakers. Fill small, child-safe containers with various materials like rice, dried beans, or pasta. 

Securely seal the containers and let your baby shake away. The rhythmic sounds will not only entertain but also introduce them to the world of music.

This activity fosters auditory development and rhythm appreciation. As you join in, shaking your own homemade shaker, you create a joyful bond through shared music-making moments. 

The happiness reflected in their eyes as they contribute to the musical ensemble is a memory to treasure.

10 month old baby activities

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Set up a safe, baby-friendly mirror at your baby’s eye level. As they catch sight of themselves, their face lights up with recognition and curiosity. 

Encourage them to reach out, touch the mirror, and perhaps even plant sweet baby kisses on their own reflection.

This activity not only aids in visual development but also promotes self-awareness. The joy of seeing themselves and the babbling conversations they may have with their “mirror friend” add a layer of interactive delight to their day.

10 month old baby activities

4. Outdoor Nature Walks in a Stroller

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with gentle nature walks in a stroller. Secure your baby snugly in their stroller and explore nearby parks or quiet neighborhood streets. 

Point out birds, trees, and flowers, describing the colors and shapes. The fresh air and changing scenery provide a sensory feast for your little explorer.

This activity introduces them to the wonders of nature and encourages visual engagement. 

The joy radiating from their face as they take in the sights and sounds of the world beyond the four walls of home is a testament to the simple yet profound pleasures of outdoor exploration.

10 month old baby activities

5. Reading Time Cuddles

Cultivate a love for books with cozy reading time cuddles. Choose age-appropriate board books with vibrant colors and simple illustrations. 

As you read aloud, involve your baby by encouraging them to touch and explore the pages. Let them turn the pages, fostering a sense of independence.

This activity nurtures language development and strengthens the parent-child bond through shared storytelling. 

The joy of snuggling close, turning the pages together, and the glistening curiosity in their eyes as they explore the magic of words make reading time a cherished part of your daily routine.

10 month old baby activities

6. Soft Play Obstacle Course

Transform your living room into a soft play obstacle course using cushions, pillows, and soft blankets. Arrange these items to create a mini adventure land. 

Watch with delight as your baby crawls over and around the soft obstacles, testing their newfound mobility.

This activity enhances gross motor skills and spatial awareness. The laughter that bubbles up as they navigate the pillow mountains and blanket tunnels is a melody of joy that resonates throughout your home.

10 month old baby activities

7. Water Play in the Bathtub

Turn bath time into a water wonderland. Use colorful, non-toxic bath toys to capture your baby’s attention. Allow them to splash and explore in the water. 

Introduce floating toys to engage their curiosity, encouraging them to reach and grab.

This water play activity not only promotes sensory exploration but also makes bath time an enjoyable and interactive experience. 

The joy expressed through splashes, giggles, and the look of amazement as they discover the aquatic world is a reminder of the simple pleasures that bring boundless joy.

10 month old baby activities

8. Dancing Together to Favorite Tunes

Create a dance party in your living room by playing your baby’s favorite tunes. Hold your baby close and sway to the rhythm. 

Encourage them to move their little feet and wave their arms in time with the music. The joy of movement and the shared experience of dancing together create lasting memories.

This activity not only fosters a love for music but also strengthens the parent-child connection through physical interaction. 

The laughter and smiles exchanged during these impromptu dance parties are a testament to the joy of being present in the moment with your little one.

10 month old baby activities

9. Soft Toy Treasure Basket

Assemble a treasure basket filled with soft toys of various textures, shapes, and sizes. Sit with your baby as they explore the contents, encouraging them to feel, squeeze, and cuddle the soft toys. 

Introduce descriptive words as they engage with each item, fostering early language development.

This activity stimulates their sense of touch and introduces them to a rich vocabulary. The delight on their face as they discover the array of soft treasures in the basket is a heartwarming reflection of their innate sense of wonder.

10 month old baby activities

10. Baby-Led Art Exploration

Embrace the artistic spirit with baby-led art exploration. Offer non-toxic, washable finger paints in vibrant colors. Allow your baby to dip their fingers into the paint and explore the canvas or paper in front of them. The resulting abstract masterpiece is a celebration of their creativity.

Parenting at the 10-month mark is a journey of mutual growth. Your baby is discovering the world, and you, in turn, are discovering the depths of love and joy that come with nurturing a precious life. 

So, as you embark on these activities, savor the small moments, relish the laughter, and celebrate the boundless joy of having a 10-month-old companion on this beautiful journey. Have any other activities that are great for a 10 month old? Please share with the community in the comments below.

10 month old baby activities
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