How Do I Keep My Newborn Cool In The Summer?

June 21st marks the official start of the summer solstice. Hopefully with whispers of the Great British summer that we all deserve! Whilst lighter evenings and warmer days are favourable, the warm weather and humidity can make it difficult to keep a newborn baby cool and comfortable in the summer.

Both heat and sun exposure can make babies and young children very poorly if they’re not adequately protected and kept cool. Here are some top tips for keeping your newborn baby cool and comfortable in the summer. (Don’t forget yourself too!)

How Do I Keep My Newborn Cool In The Summer?

Keep Baby Out of Direct Sunlight

Always keep your newborn out of direct sunlight. According to the NHS, at this age ‘Their skin contains too little melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their colour, and provides some protection from the sun’. If you’re sat outside, opt for shaded areas and use a sun umbrella where this isn’t possible.

Stay Hydrated

It’s more important than ever to keep babies fully hydrated during the summer. If baby is solely breastfeeding they do not need additional water until they are on solid foods. However, you might notice that they want to feed more during this time. If baby is bottle feeding, as well as their usual feeds you can give your baby a little cooled, boiled water. Do ask your heath visitor for further advice tailored to your baby’s needs.

Get A Paddling Pool

We’re not even talking about a big inflatable paddling pool, a little bowl or washing basket with cool water in will suffice, and baby won’t know the difference! A paddling pool is a great way to instantly cool down babies and young children. Just ensure that it is situated in the shade and never leave baby unattended near water.

Cool Bath Before Bedtime

A cool bath just before bedtime is a great way to get baby feeling cool, calm and comfortable before bed.

Use A Nursery Thermometer

A nursery thermometer will allow you to assess the temperature of the room, ensuring it’s not too hot for baby during nap time and for bed. Keep the room cool during the day by pulling the curtains/blinds and having the windows open. You could also use a fan to help circulate the cooler air around the room.

Cool Flannels

If baby gets too hot during nap time or sleep then a cool flannel is a fantastic way for providing instant relief and cooling down baby. Just use a cool damp flannel and pat babies head, feet and hands with it accordingly. Cooling down hands and feet is the best way to reduce overall core body temperature.

Whilst those sticky, humid summer days can be a challenge for the whole family, hopefully armed with these tips it will help your newborn baby to stay cool and comfortable!

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