9 Ways To Celebrate Your Baby’s Birthday In Lockdown

celebrate birthday in lockdown

2021 might not have brought us the fresh start we wanted, we know for certain that together we’re all going to come out of this lockdown stronger. There have been so many pregnancy announcements, new babies born, those first milestones and so much that we have had to embrace in a new way over the last 12 months.

Whilst those special occasions and milestones don’t allow us to celebrate how we might like to, there is still so many opportunities to get creative, have some fun and make some real memories that your little family will remember for years to come. If your little one has a lockdown birthday looming, here are 9 ways that you can make it extra special for them.

celebrate birthday in lockdown

1.Homemade Photo Booth

If the pictures weren’t snapped, it didn’t happen, right? A homemade photo booth is the perfect way to create some special memories that can be remembered for years to come. It’s a great little crafty project to keep you busy during lockdown too. All you need is some space, a spare bed sheet, some fun props and a camera. Super easy to setup and you can be as imaginative as you like with the props.

2. Virtual Birthday Party

It’s the new going out! Just because we can’t be near to our loved ones right now, we can still stay connected. We’ve all become well accustomed to Zoom and the likes over the last year, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Send out invites for a virtual birthday party. Whether you organise virtual games or all share a slice of cake with one another so they can see your little one, it will bring a slice of happiness and togetherness to the day.

3. Create A Time Capsule

A lockdown birthday will be the one birthday that will be remembered for a lifetime to come. Create a time capsule for your little one that you can all look back on in ten or twenty years. Grab an empty box, it could be one bought for the occasion or a shoe box and fill with items that will be nostalgic of that time. Write a letter to your little one all about the person they’re becoming. Fill it with their current favourite things. Include pictures from their lockdown birthday and anything else that you can think of. Wrap the box up when complete and bind with a tag featuring the date it can be opened.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Setup a treasure map and set some clues to find the hidden treasure (aka birthday presents or chocolate, chocolate’s always a good idea!). If it’s during winter, wrap up warm and get out for some fresh air in your garden, or hide the treasure throughout your home for some birthday fun. Whilst young babies won’t really know whats going on, running around with their mum or dad to find the hidden treasure will be enough to bring a smile to their face!

birthday in lockdown

5. Homemade Bowling Alley

For the walking little ones, bring Hollywood bowl to your home! So much fun for the whole family, setup a set of pins – you could use empty water bottles and grab a ball and start bowling to your hearts content. It doesn’t matter how little strikes you get, it’s sensory fun that will also aid hand eye co-ordination too!

6. Go Camping (Indoors!)

Can’t travel anywhere? No problem! Go camping indoors! The older little ones will really enjoy this adventure away with their parents. Setup tents or a den in the living room and bring duvets, pillows and sleeping bags in with plenty of fairy lights. Drape the fairy lights up the inside of the tent for a night beneath the stars with plenty of bedtime stories.

birthday in lockdown

7. Face Painting

Let your little one choose how they dress for their birthday (perfect idea for toddlers!) and do some face painting. Mum and dad, we’re looking at you too!

8. Cinema Day

For the older ones recreate a movie experience at home. They can only be admitted to the cinema with tickets! Upon greeting them at the door, let them choose their snacks from the shop with fake money! You can give your sofas seat numbers too for the full experience. Pick one of their favourite films that you can all enjoy together.

9. Home Concert

Create your own home concert, baby style! For a wonderful sensory experience, get out the pots and pans and wooden spoons and let them get musical! It might be noisy, but it’s one of those things that they’ll always enjoy more than a brand new toy. Trust us on this one!

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